Friday, October 12, 2012

Where much is given, much is required...

Today.... I feel short handed. I feel emotionally drained.... and at the same time.... I feel inspired and directed. Weird I know! I have all these children. They really do require so much of my time and energy. For me to sit and have a moment to think lately has been impossible. The only way I am able to type right now, is the littlest are napping and my sons are jumping...the big girls are doing something. So for a few minutes I want write down my thoughts... release some feelings and just record it all.
Having so many different personalities.... each child having different needs and requirements... each child needing disciplining in a different way as well has been a challenge for me. So much so that I have moments where I feel like I am failing... but as I was discussing with one of my children about true failure, *a teaching moment where I had to listen to my own counsel* I realized, I haven't given up yet. I haven't stopped trying or giving it my all. So I am not failing them... I just might not always be enough or I might need help.
I have been relying a lot on my Heavenly Father lately for that help. To be my venting place, to my comforter and to be my guider. Man today... I came up with two brilliant ideas on how to help bring even more peace and harmony into our home. How to help build relationships and how to add respect to that list. I am hoping at my next family home evening, I can do it. I haven't quit figured it all out but I have a plan in the process. The fact that while I was sitting and feeling totally lost on what to do or say next... the idea came to me ;) is such a blessing. Just another moment where I see the Lord is still with me and helping me as always. I am really thankful for that! With all that I am thankful!

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