Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Can't wait to share pictures....

I can't wait to share pictures of my newest little children we are adopting. I wish I could right now! They had a great Easter! It was so much fun having little children around for Easter again. We went and saw the Easter Bunny. We had to wake them for Easter Morning and get them all excited. I don't think these children have ever had Easter like it is at our house. We did easter egg hunts and breakfast and Grandpa's. They loved the little gifts we bought them to go in their baskets with the candy. They were so excited! So much fun!

So here's the catch up. All three children are all finally healthy, caught up in shots, dental and are still getting some evaluations done on them. We think J (age 5 boy) has autism. My husband thinks he has it so bad we will have to keep him with us forever. I am not so sure. He is teachable. He is so smart. He wants to work and is a hard little worker. I think we will be suprised :) But if not its ok, because I look at him and love him so much! HE IS MY SON! :)

These little ones do fit our family so well. They have settled down so much since the first time we got them in Jan. They are learning the house rules and what is expected of them and holding to it :) They have brought us all so much joy already. There are my days where I am wiped and wonder if I am too old to do this. 8 kids WOW! Especially since now we have 6 girls and two boys. The girls love to talk and sometimes its all I can do to focus on what they say. You know how they go into every little detail... HE SAID/SHE SAID/THOUGHT/ lol....

We are planting a garden. We didn't think we would get it done in time but the young men from our church came over for a service project and in 2 hours had all our rock gone and we were able to rotatil and get more dirt and stuff for it :) Now we just have to plant! :)

We have upped our food storage. Litterally went out and bough 1600 worth of food for our storage. Its like a 1/3 of what we should have but its a great start and what peace I feel for having it if something were to happen. (Loss of job, gas prices go up, natural disaster)

Today I go get a physical to be able to adopt these three. I am nervous. I hate going to the doctors. I hate needles!

I had an amazing Mother's Day. My children are so great. Woke up to flowers and cards. The children were so good. They put on a play they made up for me :) so cute! They planted pretty flowers out front for me :) I had a blessed day. Thinking about how blessed I am to say I am a mother of 8 :)

Now we are just preparing for the adoptiong. WAITING!!! Not sure yet when... there is some court thing in June. They are trying to make sure no DADDIES come forward to claim the kiddos. So yeah... gotta wait. We are also trying to get them all evaluated to make sure we won't need help with medical or anything while they are being raised with us. The state will help us if J turns out to have autism. Which will be a huge blessing. Doctors and therapist for that are so expensive.