Sunday, October 28, 2012

Men who serve God....

 After I made the 32 thank yous to the school, *it is Sunday* I thought about five special men in our church that serve so many, selflessly. THE BISHOPRIC! This includes a bishop, 1st counselor, 2nd counselor, secretary and an executive secretary. All these men serve a ward of hundreds of people for FREE! So I asked my husband if he thought they would like one of my payday candy bar thank yous? He said that he thought they would love them. So they went with my husband this morning to church :) I hope they know how much we as a family and so many others in our ward appreciate them. They sacrifice a lot of their time and efforts for so many in need!  We are a blessed ward because of them!

p.s.    I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  One of the many reasons why I love this church... is because every thing we do is without pay. Just us trying to be good people. Every teacher, every position offered to serve is done by a willing heart to serve the Lord. No money is involved :) 

32 Thank You's :)

    Well the last sunshine box made it. :) My friend called me and made me laugh. She said it took her 45 minutes to open the box! Then she was in awe that she saw popcorn box? She was kinda confused that I sent 24 packages of popcorn. LOL! Then she said it really made her smile when she opened it up and saw what was inside. :) I am glad she got it. They are about to be hit by some hurricane and I worried it wouldn't make it.  She said she had a bad day too, so once again... I believe angels helped to deliver the box when it was needed most :) That makes me feel so good.   I kinda got off the phone with her quick, she just kept thanking me and I kinda felt uncomfortable. I have realized I don't accept thank you's very well. I really enjoy giving but have a hard time hearing thank you back. I just wanted to do something special is all. :)  She was sweet to post this on her face book wall which was nice to read ... it did touch me but at the same time I felt like.... this is about YOU not me ;) and it felt like it got turned back on me... here is what was said... I want to remember the sweet comments. Names will be taken out for privacy
I'm truly luck to have the friends I have. My honey came home last night and walked thru the door with a package that had been sitting at my front door. I open it and it's a care package from my sweet friend Karine . It was to* M *and I and the box was full of creative goodies and treats. Totally unexpected and it really made my night! Thank you K for your endless thoughtfulness, friendship, love and support. You are a very special and dear friend. I am really blessed to have you in my life and I am proud to call you my friend. Love you! Thanks again for the special gifts! ♥
          I wroteglad it brought a smile to your face :)
          my friend wroteYou did more than that, K. You brought a smile to my heart.
          a friend of my friend wrote: That is just really sweet
           My friend wroteI think so too :)
         The other sunshine box receiver wroteShe is wonderful. One showed up at my doorstep on    Wed. After 2 horrible days it put the biggest smile on my face as well as made me cry. Karine  you bring such joy to so many. Good bless you. I love you!
  • *that part made me feel warm and joyful. A tear in my eye too..*
  • A friend of my friend:Now, that is a great lady friend!! Wow!!
    ME : Ur all too kind... was not that big of a deal wanted to show ya my love.I am blessed to call u both my friend.
  • My niece jumped inAuntie k Ur amazing and awesome I love u and I miss u!
Today I finished the thank you's for the school my kids go to.

I wanted to say thank you to all the staff there. Its a small school. I love that! The teachers are amazing! My children have thrived so much since being there. My son Jesse, who has struggled the most with all he has been through *neglect, abuse, abandonment before we adopted him*  has changed so much and I have had to be very watchful of him. I would of never felt OK in a public school, leaving him there that is... but I can leave him in full confidence at this school and everyone there knows about him and are always willing to help make good choices. THAT IS PRICELESS TO ME! I can't repay them. They are helping me mold him into a wonderful person :)  So this little thank you to all of them with a payday candy bar is nothing.  But it feels good. I am going to drop it off and its not signed. I won't hand them out to receive any thank you's back. I just will drop them off and know that everyone that works there will get one and I will feel so good :) I know they will smile and know someone appreciates them. :)

My next service projects will be done this week sometime. I want to make home made bread and deliver them to neighbors and friends :)  I don't know if I will ever stop doing this. I love this. There is a high you can not receive from any other thing in this world, than to serve others or to be kind to someone just because :) I feel blessed to be able to do each thing I am attempting :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Serving my child.....

      I wanted to share a precious moment.... my service project that I am doing...its for everyone .... I mean... I have tried to serve many friends and neighbors. Even strangers, but yesterday I felt the Holy Ghost whisper to me to go get my daughter a drink at work. I thought it was an odd thought...just so random and yet so clear.....  GET HER A DRINK!  So I ran to McDonalds because you can get a large drink for only 1 dollar. I grabbed her a Dr. Pepper...her favorite and I ran it to her :)

She was so surprised :) She later told me in a text she was having the worst day ever... Nothing was going her way and that she was really feeling frustrated and upset, until she got that drink. Which made her feel better, special and loved. 

I am so glad that I listened to the spirit... I am so glad it made her day. Just a simple little thing like that made her smile and get through a rough spot in her day :) I feel thankful that I did act upon that prompting :)

Three Sunshine boxes recieved .....

 Yesterday three of the four boxes I sent to cheer those I wanted to cheer arrived :).  My mom thought she was only to pass the one she got to her sister in law... but was pleasently suprised to have gotten one as well. She called me right away and said, "Is this miss Sunshine Box?" I laughed and acted like I had no idea incase she didn't get hers but her sister in laws.... She said, " I didn't know you were sending me a box too. That was so nice. Thank you" She then told me how her sister in law came over to open hers and how happy she was to have gotten something in the mail other than bills.   I felt so happy that I made two very special ladies smile.  I felt so happy... and I smiled thinking the other two boxes would come today to my two other friends.

I woke up this morning and got on face book and recieved this email... *which brought tears to my eyes. Tears of JOY*

Hi! I received your package yesterday. You made my day. I have been in such a bad mood the last few days  and when I saw that pkg sitting there waiting for me I was so excited. Then when I opened it up I nearly cried tears of happiness. Yesterday was the 1 mth anniversary of when *dogs name here* died *keeping who she is private*. So besides just being in a foul mood, I was sad. Your box full of 'Sunshine' made both of us so happy. You are one of the sweetest, kindest, caring, loving people I know. I could go on and on about how wonderful I think you are. Thank you so much for wonderful surprise! I wanted to call or send you a text message to thank you, but I couldn't find your number. I know I had it at 1 time. Recently though my phone had an issue and I lost several numbers. I'm going to guess that your number got lost with all the other ones. So anyway, I'm sending you a huge THANK YOU thru fb. If you lived closer I would drive to your house and give you a huge hug and kiss.
I have decided that I am going to pay it forward.... A very dear friend of mine had heart valve replacement surgery on Monday. She has had a rough time of it. She had hodgkins disease at 19 and came thru that. She lost her husband to MS when he was in his early 40's. She was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 2 yrs ago now and is in remission. Now the valve replacement. She has 2 teenagers and is a single mom. She is truly my hero. She won't be home from the hospital for another week or so. I have decided I am going to do something very similar for her. I'll make sure it's waiting at home for her when she gets out of the hospital. If it can put even 1/2 as big a smile on her face as yours put on my face, I'll be happy.
Thank you again my wonderful friend! Sending you hugs! I love you!!

Isn't that touching? I just cried again as I re-read it. I love that she wants to pay it forward! I love that. I am even more thankful that it made it on the day that her pet died, a month ago. That means to me that angels really stepped in to make sure that she got it when she needed it the most. That to me is so beautiful and special.

I feel emotional and good! I feel happy that I could do something, even so small, to cheer her and her husband. To show she isn't alone and someone cares.

showing others I care and that i love them has always made me feel good about myself and feel happy. Even when my world sometimes feels like it may be falling apart or I feel lonely. *which I have felt very lonely lately*  This tells me that I am not! :)  I am so thankful I did that .... that it meant so much to them as I had hoped. :)   These people don't know how much they bless me!  Just knowing them does!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Serving several more ...

So excited to hear from my Mom tomorrow. She thinks my aunt is the only one who will get a Sunshine box ;) But she will too :)

Today I have had fun serving. One of my friends has been really sick this weekend. I called her and asked her what she needed. She said " nothing," so I told her I was going to bring her dinner and a drink. She requested an ice tea drink from the store.  I delivered it. She really was not feeling well and looks like she had been through the ringer. I made her a dinner in a pumpkin.  :) It felt great to help her in a time of need for her. I know in the past when I have been sick and others dropped off diner, it meant so much to me. No worries... just able to rest and get better.

I then signed a card and made another pumpkin dinner for a neighbor and delivered it. They were super excited to try it :) I hope they like it :)

During my day, I had to call in my sons prescription to be renewed. The nurse is always so nice and quick to get me what I need when I need it, so I felt impressed to take out one of the cards and candy bars I have been making for the school and give one to her.  I went to go pick up the prescription and I asked the secretary to please give her the card.  I know that she was most likely surprised... and I hope that she felt how thankful I am for all her hard work she does for our family. I hope she smiled:)

Serving others really brings so much happiness to myself. I feel pretty selfish in that way. Because I feel so good when I do nice things for others. I am getting to where I am finding things daily and wanting to do them.  :) Its exciting to think about it every day for me.. Who can I try to help smile? Feel special and loved!~

Excited to continue the serving this week :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My birthday....

This morning my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday.... so I confessed.... that he shouldn't get me anything because I have spent money doing the service projects and that I have enjoyed them so much.  He sat there and had tears in his eyes. I asked him whats wrong? He said," your so selfless. I would want something and you just want to give to others."   That really made me feel good that my husband after 22 years of marriage can see me as someone so good...  I don't want anything really and I didn't plan on all this being my gift, but I got carried away. :)  It sure gets fun when you want to be creative. It sure can cost money, but it won't for the next projects I have in mind :)  I needed him to see me in a new light.  Not that he has viewed me in any other way but for me... :) It really put a smile on my face :)  When you have been married as long as we have, a person *me* can worry that we are just that same old person nothing new or special to the other half. Like no mystery or of any interest.  And I think him thinking of me so nicely really helped me feel good about myself :) Like I HAD ONE ON HIM! :) LOL  For example, " See honey you don't know me that well after all ! "  I am still full of surprises. You can teach an old dog new tricks :) *I would be that dog* 

I have been thinking about my birthday and what I want my day to look like :) I hope it just is a good day where I feel loved.  Where my family hugs on me :) I am thinking maybe a family picnic for dinner. Something to make a new family memory :) A fun one :) 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Service 8 & 9

   So it took me the full five days to put together a sunshine box for each person.  I sent them today. So next week 4 people who did not live close will be *hopefully* pleasantly surprised. :) I hope... I really put a lot of thought and time into each. :)  Those people are very special people indeed!

 Today was service act 8 & 9.... I gave 4 pumpkins to a family who needed them and two to another family with produce. :)  They sent me pictures of the their little children after cleaning and carving them. :) With great big smiles on their faces. 

I have been working on 32 more service acts of kindness. I bought PAYDAY candy bars and printed off cards that say, Thank YOU for working so hard and doing such a great job... you deserve an extra
PAYDAY :)   I am delivering it to my children's school in a week

Now i know that is way over 41 acts of kindness and service, but I will do it until I feel I am done. I am really enjoying it. It gives me something to feel good about and look forward to doing. Who knows, maybe it will become apart of me.

I still want to make some bread and baked goods for neighbors and friends. I want to drop off another pumpkin meal to a friend, I want to babysit for someone who needs a serious break from their kids.  I am hoping to get my family involved in raking someones yard and I want to ask a blind man that I know if I can write any letters for him that he can't or help him in some way :)  

This is so far... .will report in as I get more done :) I feel better about myself. I feel self LESS and I like this feeling of helping others :) It really can lift you when you feel overwhelmed or down in life :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day two and several more....

  I struggle from time to time with depression and I have several friends that are going through a really rough time. So I decided to make a Sunshine basket or box. Those who live close get the basket and those who live far get a box.  I am trying to take time to write personal messages in each one. Things I think will help them smile and lift their spirits.

 One friend is a special relationship with a man who has cancer. He is fighting so hard.  Sometimes on my hardest days, I can go to her face book page and always... ALWAYS find some positive uplifting message on her page. IT always surprises me... She and her man are so thankful for every day... they value each moment together... treasure it and each is precious time well spent. I love going to her page so I am making a special sunshine basket for them, full of things for them both. I am so thankful for their happy spirits... positive thoughts and uplifting messages of joy.

One basket is for my Aunt... her husband recently died and she is so very sad.  Most people are there right when someone dies, but people seem to forget the after time...when a person really needs someone. So I hope my basket brings her a smile and that she feels loved.

Another friend that will receive my basket is going through some very hurt feelings right now which has caused her to feel a little alone and down. I already delivered her basket. She was thrilled to get it and that made me feel so good to lift her or to do something nice for her. I know there have been many times in my life where I have felt the same and someone always showed me love and care.

Another friend just lost her dog.... it was barely two years old... she has no children yet so this is her baby.... and this was the sweetest, most loved dog.  Her husband walking the dog and he got spooked and had a heart attack. They had no clue he had any problems. So sad.... she has felt a little lost and i really hope it lifts her spirits.

The last basket.. * well for now* is for my Mom... who I know needs to be loved. She lives far from me and I miss her. I want her to know how much I love her. How thankful I am for her in my life and all she has given me.

The items are not the most expensive things.... just snacks, some yellow candies.... little fall decorations, a flower... some notes... trail mix, a candle and I can't remember the rest. Will post a picture of one of the boxes I put together. 

This project is a selfish project. I want to feel happy inside. I have been down. By cheering someone else up and focusing on their life problems... I am hoping it will lift me and take my mind off my own problems :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 1 of service...

 I wanted to start my 41 acts of service in November, but yesterday at church, I felt strongly that I should start today. So I did.
I made a yummy dinner in a pumpkin and handed it out to  two families. One was a lady that I visit teach. She is going through a really hard time and she has been coming to church.  She was so excited that I made her a meal. I hope she enjoys it. The other is for a lady who has a lot of children and seems to run more than I do. I wasn't planning on making her one actually but I felt really strong as I was making it for my family and for this other lady that I should. So I DID :)
IT felt so great to do this for them. It wasn't a big thing really... but I put smiles on their face and that helped me to smile to know I did something nice for someone else :) 

I also went and bought things for my second project that I have in mind. I will write about it as I do it. :)
I am thankful I am able to do this. So thankful. I just hope that my promptings were right :)  I am excited about these projects :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

 I have a friend who had found a blog about doing random acts of kindness, but they did it on their birthday. So if you turn 30 you would do 30 random acts of kindness on that day... I thought about this... and I want to do something similar, but different. I have been trying to become more like Jesus. Even though I LOVE this idea and think it was a great one to do... I want to stretch it out and do something more... For me to do 41 acts of kindness would be rushed or I would feel rushed... and I want to really enjoy it and not rush. So ... I decided to do 41 days of SERVICE... not just kindness. I want to serve others. I want to do things that will really help and make them smile.  So I have been trying to compile my list. I have asked my friends to help me. I have asked the question..." WHAT ONE THING WOULD REALLY HELP YOU OUT RIGHT NOW IF YOU COULD HAVE IT?" on face book. Of coarse no one local answered... (I think there is a fear of admitting you have needs and a fear that someone will do it)  I know I don't think I could blurt out things like, " I have no energy left to make dinner or mop my floors." Believe me there were days where I didn't and most likely will have days where I won't. 

So here is my list so far and I want more ideas. I know that I could make each of these ideas into more than one day projects or more than one family.... but I really want to get creative. I am sure I will do several of these for different people.....

Do Dinners for someone who needs a break, or is exhausted, or is sick
Bake goods and take them to all my neighbors
Make Sunshine baskets for a select few that need some sunshine....
Watch someones kids who need a break or a date
Do a photo shoot for some teens who need to feel beautiful
Go to a homeless shelter and serve dinner or a meal or whatever they need help with
Go to an animal shelter and help there walking animals, bathing them, cleaning up after them. WHATEVER THEY NEED
Make Thank You cards with some candy on it and pass it out to  Over worked nurses, doctors, employees at various work places, police, and firemen... I was even thinking dispatch people
Thank the entire staff at my children's school with thank yous and a treat for their hard work
Help someone clean their house
Visit the old people in our ward.
rake someones yard up without them knowing  :)
I know that is a good start, but I want to do more....   I am going to blog about it every day, how I felt what happened, I am writing it because I want to remember how I felt to serve others. Not to get ooh's or aww's over it. Not to be prideful or boastful... My blog is my journal....... I want to remember this and I hope that I can bring my children with me to do these acts of service to teach them :)
I wanted to write my thoughts about this and I want to record this for my future, to look back on and hopefully by then this will have become a daily habit, naturally apart of who I am :) I have always said I know that ANGELS exist... I know that sometimes we, the people here on earth, ARE answers to someones prayers... I want to be that angel.... I want to be at least considered such an honor... I want to know I have done my part to help bring up my sisters and brothers spirits... even in the smallest acts that I am able to do. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Do you love me?

This weekend was General Conference. I loved it. There were very powerful talks given, many touching my heart and lifting my spirits. One talk by Elder Jeffrey Holland really moved me. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I cried through his whole talk. It was about our Savior and how much do we love him? It can be watched here

Some of the questions he shared were as if he was Jesus saying to all of us, " DO YOU LOVE ME MORE THAN ALL OF THIS?" *all of whatever else we may put before him..... our movies, books, video games, shopping... the list is long and for me... I can add food. *

DID NOT MY LIFE AND LOVE TOUCH YOU MORE THAN THIS? *as if Jesus were asking* more than all the other things we choose to put into our lives to take up our time and energy.

Elder Holland then gave me more to think about... Come judgement day, when I am blessed to meet with Christ face to face and he asks me..."DO YOU LOVE ME?" will I be able to stand there and say with a clear conscience. YES, OH YES MY LORD, I LOVE THEE SO VERY MUCH! *by what I did with my life... how I served others and shared the gospel. How I tried to live as Christlike as possible.

It has been the question I am now asking myself every time I make a decision. I say to myself, " Will this show Jesus that I love him?" I want to make it one of our families new family motto's. I want them to think every time they go to act or choose to do something.... "will this show that I love Jesus?"

I have a lot of work to do... to be able to say I have done all I could. I mentioned food above because I think if I feed my body things that are not healthy that I am not showing Him how much I love him. I was given this great blessing of a body. How can I treat it so badly ? It is my personal temple. Like the temple I attend I would not dare enter in unworthily and this is how I must think about my body as well.

When I don't make time to connect with the Lord daily I am not showing HIM I love him. I want to show him, I want to be able to kneel at his feet and thank him for this life and look into his eyes and without him having to ask me... "DO YOU LOVE ME" have him just respond with, " THOU GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT, WELCOME HOME" I want him to know it... to not even need to ask it. I want to help others and serve others more. I want to teach it to my children. I am now praying for help with this.... asking the Lord to guide me to opportunities to be able to do just that.

My husband did point out something that gave me great comfort. He said, " You already are serving... your family." That meant a great deal to me, for him to not only recognize it but to point it out to me, because sometimes I feel like what I do is just my job, but indeed... Mothers everywhere do serve their families and loved ones constantly :)

I am excited to think of new goals to make for myself and with my family that will be orientated about Christ and serving him.
If you have noticed some changes.... like more posts... its because I combined two different blogs. I loved how this one looked.... so I thought I will just write in this ONE :) Enjoy going through all I have wrote :) Thanks for stopping by to get to know us :)

Mind over Matter

I woke up this morning and found myself comforted by this song......
Where Can I Turn for Peace... Which is appropriate right now for me. I have some things going on in my life that I am not going to share at this moment, because I am still trying to figure them all out.

Satan sure knows me.... he knows how to play my thoughts... I have heard that we are our own worst enemy. Meaning, I am my worst enemy and you are yours. We say things to ourselves, that hopefully no one has ever said to our face or thought about us. I have found my thoughts running rampid since I have so much on my mind lately... some of them are really not good for me.

That is when I found myself praying, or talking to God. And this song came into my head.... the words brought me comfort.

Where can I turn for peace? Where is my solace? When other sources cease to make me whole? When with a wounded heart, anger or malice, I draw myself apart, searching my soul?

Where. when my aching grows, Where, when I languish, Where, in my need to know, where can I run? Where is the quiet hand to calm my anguish? Who, who can understand? He, only ONE.
He answers privately, Reaches my reaching, In my Gethsemane, Savior and Friend. Gentle the peace he finds for my beseeching. Constant he is and kind, Love without end.

I love music. It always lifts me and touches me. I wish I had the gift to write such a beautiful song. I am so thankful that someone did!

We taught our children last night at family home evening, through a story in the Friend Magazine, that if you hear someone saying bad words, sing a song in your head from church. I think its great that I found that same thought pattern when I found myself talking negatively to myself. It started out as me venting to the Lord, telling him all my worries and upsets.... which then turned into self inflicting thoughts of turmoil.... then the words of this song, swooped in my mind and it all went away. I felt peace... I felt comfort, I felt loved and well again.

Mind over matter is a lot of it I guess. With any situation we all have a certain amount we can contribute and control. I took that control and gave it all to the Lord. I think I might have to try singing lyrics of church hymns more often. I might find my thoughts and spirits are lifted more :)

A New Journey

So one of my closest friends of 18 years literally just left Idaho. I feel a little lost at the moment, highly emotional and sad. I know that she is being driven to where she is going next, literally driven if not pushed! I know she really has exhausted all possibilities to stay as long as she could. I don't do CHANGE well or easily. I really struggle.
So I want to run and go eat something or drink something that I usually find great comfort in whenever life isn't going my way... or I am hurting. BUT..... I can't.
I have the desire to get healthy. A deep desire. I am thinking and hoping its a stronger desire that it can over come this temptation to do the other bad habit. I have started my own little new journey just recently. It has taken me longer than most to get where I am today. Some people, they can do this new lifestyle eating and exercises with ease. They make a plan and just do it. For me, it has taken a couple weeks to get the hang of the food, then I added exercise. I am still not doing what I need to exactly but I am getting there. I am excited to say that I have pushed myself. Todd and I have been going to the y to swim laps for 30 minutes. I have never had swimming lessons in my life. I am probably the funniest person to watch swim, but I haven't let that stop me. In fact the life guards are so sympathetic *or worried* that they have taken time to help give me pointers. I am now able to swim a lap while putting my face in the water and coming up for air on the side like real swimmers, how ever, sometimes I still gasp and have to keep my head up a little longer to catch my breath but I keep going and then I put it back in the water when I am ready. Sometimes I even inhale water... that isn't fun either. The point is I am doing something I never thought I could do... and it hasn't been easy. I am embarrassed to get in and try every time I do. I feel the eyes watching me, I feel like people are snickering. But I don't want that to stop me. My husband said he was really impressed because I am almost passing him up and when he needs to stop I am still going. :)
Its been good for us to do together. Working out has bonded us more... we have a goal to shoot for together :) So nice to not do it alone.
I am struggling with the new foods... not that they are bad but I am not as full as long or sometimes its satisfied. Sometimes I just want sugar or something sweet or something not so good for me. So here I am.... tears going down my face because one of my best friends just left and I know she isn't coming back. I know it. I almost feel like singing TILL WE MEET AGAIN. We are both NOT in any position to go back and forth and see each other as much as we like to dream we can. It may be years before I see her again. That is so sad to me. No one has gotten me the way she has.... and I can do and say things to her that I can't anyone else. She gets me. I am thankful for Internet, texting and phones but it won't be the same....
So I started to write because that little devil showed up on my left shoulder... saying, "GO GET..... yada yada" *basically right now a frozen hot chocolate is what I was thinking about... and I have the good angel on my right saying... NO DON'T ! You have worked too hard to do this... it won't change anything... it won't keep your friend here or make the pain any easier!!!
I have always told my children GOOD always wins over EVIL... so that has to be out come here. I am going to go work out instead... drink some water and hope that the temptation goes away. I might have a good cry too but at the end of that cry and work out I think I will feel better.
On with the journey.... here we go.... bye Tam!

God prepares us...HE is there!

I have been watching three of my closest friend go through three very difficult times and circumstances. One has lost everything, literally, her home and work. One has lost trust and faith her spouse, and one has lost the ability to have a normal life at this moment while her husband is in the hospital, he has been for weeks and weeks to come.

I have been thinking about life myself... how my life is...where it is at, from my marriage to my children, the stage in life I am in and my Mom. I have thought a lot about trials lately... trying to be that good friend to my friends.... wondering why they have to hurt. Crying with them, praying for them and rejoicing in their ability to continue to move forward and to do so with great hope!

I have felt a lot of anxiety lately. I know that I am being prepared for a farewell in my life. To someone I treasure and love deeply. I know that God is preparing me for this event because all my life I have been afraid of it. I have been sickened by it, by the mere thought of it happening. I have felt the depths of despair over it.... begging God to please just give me more time. But through all of this, I have been brought to the things I know and believe in. The things I trust. Which is... that everything happens for a reason. That everyone must die. I don't want this to happen, NO ONE EVER DOES. But I have been through it before and those times were heart breaking. My brother, my sister, my father, my friends, my grandparents and my mother in law. Death is NOT THE END! I know this... I know that these loved ones are angels and they are near me. I know this. I know they have work to do on the other side, but I know they check on me. They are here when I whisper their name or think of them out of the blue. I am thankful for that knowledge. To know that they go on... out of pain, only with joy and love surrounding them. I am thankful to know they are not just dead in the ground dead. I am thankful that life has more purpose than that! That we have more to look forward to and that there is no real end, only progression!

I watch my friends, hurting and searching for answers for themselves. Becoming closer to God as they go through all that they do and learning from these very difficult trials, and I want to help them. I want to take their pain away. I want to make life easy and good for them. But I also know that this will make them... something stronger, more and even better. That this will stretch them to the point of breaking and they will not break! That they will find that strength with in themselves and continue to press forward and do all that they must and can! I know that God has prepared each one for it to. I know right now they can't see it, but I can. My friend who has lost her home and is jobless right now, she knows how to juggle things under the worst possible situations ... she is amazing at finding resources and making it, even with what seems to be nothing. I have learned so much from her. Even in her darkest moments.... she still stood.... maybe feeling battered and beaten but she stood and she kept going and she found hope and strength to do it all. She is so strong. I know she hates where she is at right now in her life.. she so desperately wants her life to be different. But I know she will make it what she wants and things are going to end up better in the end for her. I just know it! She is a hard worker, a great Mother and Wife. She can feel like the world has dumped on her but she still listens to everyone else who needs to vent and she is still able to lift them, direct them and love them. She has such Christ like attributes, she doesn't even know! I have been blessed to call her friend!

I have watched my other friend who is struggling with something that has shaken her faith and trust in her husband be prepared for this. She got really sick and had horrible symptoms for like 6 months from this illness... which made her feel miserable. This illness took a serious toll on her emotionally and every other way. But through that she got closer to God, she kept going on... she didn't let it stop her and she became even stronger than she thought and now when her world feels like its falling apart, when Satan himself is trying to destroy a family.... she is pulling through. She is turning to the one who has never left her side and helped her through everything. She hurts, but she knows in her heart what is the most important. She won't allow Satan to take her down. She is trusting in God and forgiving and will learn to trust again. She is keeping her most valued and sacred thing together... her family! I am so proud of her. Her decisions and her strength. For she is a light to many on how to turn to God and give it to him. She has fought many battles in her life and each time she has come out on top... and has won. I know she will do the same here!

My last friend, she is just as amazing as the other two women I have mentioned. She has such a loving heart. She has served so many people and has a special gift to work with handicapped people. Not many people have this gift of patience, love and service. Her life has not been easy by far, but she always has found the sunny side. The "it's going to be alright" side. Even when her first marriage fell apart, she was still the friend I knew and loved. She was not angry, just sad... she still wanted to fight for what she felt was important and good. But God had a better plan for her. Then she met her current husband. She became even more. She did things with her new husband she didn't even realize she could do. He opened a whole new world up to her. Her life became happy again, full of love and like she deserved! But now her spouse is suffering some health issues... she is separated from him... which is hard on any marriage. She is being the single parent, working, taking care of everything and running back and forth to a hospital hoping her love will recover soon and come home. Her life is upside down with some other details that have recently happened from her ex, that has just added to heart break and stress. But here she is.... still standing, ever so strong... doing what she has to... day to day... and still SMILING! She might be smiling but it doesn't mean that all is well.... you will not hear her complain. She is a light soul, a happy soul and even though life is really hard for her right now I have all the faith and trust that she is going to be ok and soon this will all be over. Her husbands health will recover and he will be home in her arms once again.

Darn these trials in life. They are so hard on us, and even though I know that God is preparing me for someone special to leave this earth... I know I too will be ok ... somehow. I just have to appreciate the now... make every moment count... and count my blessings for I have been blessed with many.

I am so thankful for my friends, for their strength, for their hope and for their courage. They are amazing women to me. I love them dearly and am so blessed to call them friend. I know its hard right now for them. They are and always will be, in my prayers.... I am always here willing to help in any way they need. I wish I could take this from them and help more than I have, but I know God is there with them, never leaving their side and that this too will pass.

I just had all this on my mind.... am in awe that three of my closest friends are going through such trials all at the same time... its a helpless feeling not being able to do more for them. I sometimes don't even know what to say to help them through it. But I hope they know I love them and am here, day or night.

Trying to become Christ like

I have been making and trying to keep goals recently that I have made for myself. One of them was to become more Christ-like. I planned on doing this by using the scripture about Love... what love is and reminding myself what love isn't. I have been using this with my children as well, when I have teaching moments. If they do something unkind, I ask them, "Is this love? is this what love looks like? What could you have done that would of been loving like Jesus?" I am excited to say just using LOVE as my teaching moment, has calmed my anger when I am upset with my children's choices. That alone has to have made a huge difference in teaching them. I feel more like a loving parent too.

One thing lately I have done was tried to think of a person being right there with me, able to hear whatever I said about them, WHO EVER THAT PERSON IS THAT I WANT TO TALK ABOUT. I imagine would my words hurt them? Would it be considered gossip?
Surprisingly, I found myself stopping myself twice this week so far from saying something about someone I cared about. I have been so impressed with this goal, I am going to continue with it. It has made profound changes in me. I can see myself starting to THINK before I speak and to actually stop thinking in a way that would not be Christ-like in the first place....
Which is the key, OUR THOUGHTS TURN INTO OUR WORDS AND ACTIONS... and I do not want to be like that towards anyone.

I have thought a lot about the Lord coming soon.... How close we could possibly be to his beautiful entrance into this world. And how unprepared I am. I don't want to be caught off guard or unprepared. I want to be able to stand at his mercy feet and I want to be blessed enough to hear him call my name and reach for me. I want to be able to look into his eyes without shame or guilt and know I am worthy to do so.

I have a lot of work ahead of myself, but it is so exciting to see these small changes I have tried so hard to make. Each goal and step of effort is bringing me closer to my Savior and the woman I want to say I have become. The example I want to be to my children.

I just had to share this moment. I was impressed to do so. Hope everyone is having a grand week!

Getting it together.

I have a lot that I want to do.... lists of things that need to be done around my house... lists! We held a special family counsel last night at dinner. We talked to the kids how we feel like we need help doing things and that they could contribute more. They agreed :) WHEW!!!!!!!
SO we are going to have family counsel every Sunday at dinner. Discuss what needs to be done that week or what we all can help work on.
This week...its getting Jesse to learn to ride his bike. Because I am out of shape and Todd gets home so late, we have asked the kids to help me. I can run with him while he peddles for only so long and because I am out of shape will need to take turns with someone. They agreed to help me :) SO HAPPY! AND THANKFUL!!!
The other thing we are going to focus on is DRIVING! We have to get Kalene to get her license.. She is working now and if she could just drive herself that would be ONE LESS place I would have to go or do. Plus I could use her help in errands and such. Cally is learning as well but Kalene only has till SEPT. 1st to get hers done because she is already 18. Cally has a years permit.

All this trying to get our family working as one has me thinking about things I want to accomplish. Like... I need to grout my tile in my kitchen SO BAD!!!!! and I need to re due it on my counters as well.... so I need to learn that.

I want to get a spiritual schedule up for me... where I make time to read articles out of the Ensign and write letters and in my journal and ready my scriptures, not just read but study.

I want to have Romance in my marriage. I love my husband but his ideas and mine are very different. I don't read smut books so its up to me fulfil this in my life and so I SHALL! I am going to start doing something creative with my man, that I consider ROMANTIC :) kinda excited to get my creative on!

I need to continue to keep my SPECIAL TIME with my kids going now more than ever because school started and they will need that one on one talking time :)

I want to exercise....

I want to start cleaning better. I want a home that is really clean looking and is :) So I have to make schedule for myself :)

I am always happier when I have a plan... and goals. SO these are they for now :)

What I need to do...

I need to just count my blessings. I woke with all this anxiety this morning..... all the worries that I can't share with anyone.... all the things that have me upset inside...
I said about a 2 hour long prayer this morning. I AM NOT LIEING! I didn't feel different... I think God got an ear ful for sure.... I ran errands this morning and felt more anxiety..... more upset when I let my mind ponder on the things that are upsetting me at this time.

I have searched today for answers... what to do, how to feel, how to let it all go.... how to move forward... how to trust in certain things, people and God.

As I am reading all these SO HAPPY GO LUCKY BLOGS out there, I just told myself.... count your blessings..
So I am going to do that right now and try to focus on that.

#1 Blessing, I am thankful for urologist... they can help my son, even though he may suffer all his life with stones and kidney issues... *which worries me* he will have a doctor to help us through it all.

#2, For the priesthood. I am thankful for the Priesthood and the power that I know blesses us through blessings of healing. I know I need one right now too!

#3 I am thankful for always making all our bills, and having enough for a little extra... I am so thankful for that while I sit and watch and cry with my friends who are so struggling to just find a job and eat. I am thankful I have been blessed with enough to share with my friends struggling and to still be able to help my daughter and her husband.

#4 I am thankful for my calling. It does stretch me and make me go the extra mile.

#5 I am thankful that my Mother is still around. I just can't imagine life without her!

#6 I am thankful my husband has a job

#7 I am thankful .. SO VERY THANKFUL for the vacation our family just took. We so needed it! *UNDERSTATEMENT*

#8 I am thankful for all our health.... especially my husbands and childrens

#9 I am thankful for my pets, they love me and ask for nothing in return!

ITs a start... I am sure the list can go on but for now I will end it there.... I feel a little better. I just have to focus on the positive....

Personal Conflict

Ever feel like you wish you could talk to someone about something your going through but feel that no one would really get you or understand or even care? That you would be judged. You know all the things that usually brings insecurity.

I am going through something.... a real trial for me. I am usually a person who wears her heart out on her sleeve and says it like it is... what I think and feel, but lately I am finding myself being cautious. I feel like I can't talk like I use to. I don't know if its wisdom or old age or what...but I have this thing I am going through. A really personal thing... no one in my family knows about it. My husband doesn't really know about it. My children for sure don't know about it. I don't feel like I can really share it with anyone too. It kinda pains me that I feel like there isn't ONE PERSON I can share it with.
Everyone needs someone to vent to or to share life's ups and downs with.

I have looked at my life and I have seen who are my true friends and who really aren't that I thought were. The one I probably could share it with, she is going through too much right now to be burdened down by my stuff.

I am hurting inside.... and even though I know the answer is give it to God.. and I know I will because I feel like i have no where else to turn to.... I know it won't be the same or feel same as sharing it with someone, that is tangible.

Just needed a safe place to write that right now... I am hurting inside... and NO ONE knows... no one will see it in my face or hear it from my lips.

Several times I felt like just saying TYPE IT on Face book and see who repsonds.. but really... that isn't the place.... this could be turned into so much more than it is... and it could also be shuffled under the rug which isn't good either because to me... it is something. Whether others would get what I am thinking/ feeling doesn't matter. I am and so I can't deny it.

The question is... how do I deal with it? How would I make it better? I know some of the answers to that questions but it doesn't mean that it will be easy. The part that won't be easy is me feeling ok about it.

Sometimes... I truly do wish that Jesus would just come... sometimes I feel like this life is too much... to hard.. .too painful. Too lonely. I think of how great it will be when he comes and takes away all the evil in this life.... and chains them. How great it would be to live a life of peace.... happiness ... no temptations, no evil... no bad in the world. It will be truly a heaven on earth. I think sometimes, I would love that right now..... Then I wouldn't have to watch my children hurt... or struggle.. I wouldn't have to hurt or struggle... and ALL my family and I would be together again... how I long for that!

Anyhow.... I wrote this because I needed to. I will be fine. This too shall pass, just until it does... I will have to deal. So I shall. There was a saying that I liked on Fb the other day... it said, “The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that all her hardships in life have had on her; but the strength of a woman is measured by the extent of her refusal to allow those hardships to dictate her and who she becomes.” ― C. JoyBell C right now.... I need to remember that!

Your Down to earth say it like it is Mom

I have read a lot of blogs lately trying to feel better about myself and the struggles I go through as a Mom. There are a lot of amazing blogs out there. Some very organized women and their lives just seem so in order and great. Which led me to wonder how do they do it????? All of it?

I have been married now for 22 years... I started with 5 kids...*not started but had five* and then we added to our family and adopted three more *virtually starting all over again* and even today, I am still trying to organize things, figure things out in parenting, still trying to create a home of love and refuge.

One Moms blog *which was an amazing blog* was called a Virtuous Mom. I thought wow... I don't feel worthy of that title. I think of some very well spoken, well dressed and well educated women when I think of a title like that. Women of FAITH!
Then I laughed at myself... thinking of how I sometimes feel as a Mom, Wife and a Woman. Some of the titles I felt I could have were ....
Barely hanging on Mom,

Keeping my head above the water Mom,

keep moving ...keep moving Mom,

I can do this... I think I can MOM,

Don't look back just look forward Mom,

and Doing it my way the best I can MOM.

These titles seemed more fitting to me.

But I know.... I KNOW... there are other women out there who feel like I do. Even the ones who seem to have it together at some point feel or felt what I have. We are all the same really, just trying to do our best and the thing we need to remember is.....
OUR EFFORTS *no matter how much we feel inadequate or like its not enough* THEY DO COUNT! The Lord is thankful to us MOTHERS!
I know he is!

so I found this article,
“Because She Is a Mother” by Jeffrey R Holland.... it says...."

If you try your best to be the best parent you can be, you will have done all that a human being can do and all that God expects you to do.

I know I am not all I want to be yet but that is the beauty of it all.... I am becoming just that... :) and what Heavenly Father wants me to be too! :) I just have to remember that!

Why do you do so much Mom?

About a month ago I was called to teach Sunday School for the 14/15 year olds. When they asked me to be a teacher, I truly did NOT see this one coming. I have never wanted to teach Sunday School. There is this lady in our ward... who teaches Sunday School for the adults. She really can teach. She knows her scriptures and I have always been able to walk away with something from her lessons that I had never thought of before. I use to think... I don't ever want that calling! Because I am not comfortable in front of others in that way. I don't know if she is, but she doesn't look nervous if she isn't. I still don't want her calling and have even told my husband I don't think I could ever say yes to that calling. He just laughs at me.

So when I was asked to become a Sunday teacher, you could say inside I was freaking out! I took a long pause before accepting it. I really was struggling within myself to say yes. I have never ever felt comfortable enough with the scriptures to teach, I mean I had done Primary children... they are no sweat.... easy peasy! But older kids.... TEENS... PRE-ADULTS!!!! That freaked me out.
I even asked several times, to the person asking me to accept this calling, "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT ME? ARE YOU SURE YOUR ALL THINKING RIGHT? ARE YOU SURE CUZ I AM NOT SO SURE!" He tried to keep a straight face, I am sure he knew I was truly struggling with this.

Don't get me wrong.... its not that I don't want to serve the Lord, its just... I don't feel adequate enough to do THIS CALLING.

So... here I am..... still trying to find my nitch... my comfy spot ... my its not a big deal place.... my I can do this place... GET THE PICTURE? I am still trying to find those happy nitchy spots!
Every week I study the lesson... I start on Sunday ... after church and every night till the next Sunday when I am suppose to give the lesson... I am reading the scriptures... planning and preparing.

As I sat here at my desk... for the 3rd time going over my lesson and preparing, one of my daughters asked me, " MOM WHY ARE YOU DOING SO MUCH?" my response, " I am suppose to... aren't I?" She says, " I guess, but none of the other teachers really prepare or even know the material... they just teach as they go."
So for a moment, I FREAKED... is that what I am suppose to do? NOT REALLY PUT THIS MUCH EFFORT INTO IT? NOT KNOW IT LIKE I HAVE TRIED TO KNOW IT SO I DON'T MISLEAD OR MIS GUIDE? REALLY? *true thoughts and freaking moment *
Then my daughter says, " Mom, your a really good teacher."

Can you imagine my JOY? my daughter who is in my class... said that to me? I just haven't felt that I am a good teacher yet. I haven't felt like my lessons are interesting or even fun. I haven't felt like I have left any important impressions or meaningful thoughts to the kids like the LORD would want me to do.... and even though my daughter is a little biased, it felt so good to hear what she said. COMFORTING really!

I don't expect the kids to tell me that they liked the lesson or that they enjoy coming to my class. I figure the ones who choose to be there are pretty much there because I bring incentives to participate. But I have really been struggling with feeling like they called the right person to this calling since I got it. I almost am in tears on Sundays after each lesson to my husband saying, "I REALLY THINK THEY CALLED THE WRONG PERSON!"

I know that I have never studied the scriptures in the way I am for these lessons. That is probably why I was called. God is trying to teach me how to study or something. So here I am... preparing again for another week. This week I feel like I have made it a little more interesting than any other so far... Like the kids would come in and if I didn't bring any goodies might want to stay of their own free will and actually enjoy the class. Who knows, I might be a little off my rocker! LOL ... anyhow.... these are the thoughts that I needed or wanted to share.... :)

one last thing .... I have found that I am more interested in what my children are learning at church. I have asked before, " WHAT DID YOU LEARN TODAY AT CHURCH?" but I don't think I have ever gotten so involved to discuss it with the older children in such great depth. And the best part is... if their teacher wasn't able to finish the lesson, I AM ABLE TO! :) That is something I have never been able to do and can see great blessings from. I never thought that being a teacher would help me become a better parent. :)

I'm trying to be like Jesus

Every morning, my daily life starts at 5:30 am..... first with my husband, who wakes up and usually needs to talk & cuddle. You know, starting His day off to a great start which I usually am unable to go back to sleep until he leaves at 6 :30.... then I have two options.... I can lay in bed for my moment of peace and quiet or I can get up and come down stairs until the children wake up one by one at 7 if not sooner. The thing is.... as soon as I come down stairs, my immediate responsibilities are the animals... *as if I lived on a farm* The dogs need to go out.... the birds hear me and start to sing, the parrot wants out of his cage to be loved on. So I usually stay in bed until I absolutely have to get out of it. *please don't get me wrong, I love my family and my life, but I have realized that taking care of everyone, healing them, caring for them, having the constant of people in need of me and animals has led me to believe that something has to change in order for me to make changes in my life that I want to see come about, that I feel need to come about*

I had the great blessing of getting away for a quick trip to see my oldest daughter this weekend. I was so excited to be able to sleep in.... I had the opportunity for sure...but NO... my body is on a self alarm thing I guess, because at 5:30 I was awake...then I fell back to sleep till 7 and then it was pointless to lay there. All I wanted was to be able to sleep in, just once and my own body said, " NOPE!"

I have found lately that I want some changes for myself. Spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally! I want to change for the better. I want to be more Christ-like. Have more of his personality instilled within my very soul. On my trip, while driving, many impressions came to me on how I could go about this.

First, I must find that quiet place... that peace every day even if it means I must wake up at 4:30 to do it! I really think that it’s important. Second, I need to make personal goals for myself that are realistic and attainable and third, I need to just be as thankful as possible for every little blessing that comes my way... change my attitude and perspective. I need to be content and I want to recognize every little blessings as little miracles in my life. Really devote my life to my Heavenly Father. Who wants me to devote my life to my family as well :)

So here I am thinking of what Christ-like values I really want to become. I love the above picture. It reminds me that Jesus is always here for me, waiting ever so patiently for me to just open the door and let him to take over. Sometimes, I forget that big picture.

So let’s start with my goals.... yes, I am sharing them here with EVERYONE in the world because my children need to see that I too need to do this in my life to become a better person.

Physical goals

1. I just want to become more active. If I loose weight and get tone then that is a blessing. I don't want the stress of loosing weight. I just want to change my lifestyle and become more physical in my daily life.

How I plan on doing that:

1. To make this change I need to dedicate going to the ymca *which I am paying for so I might as well do it* and work out daily and swim. *I LOVE TO SWIM*

2. I am going to encourage family bike rides and family walks through out the evenings of the week with the family :)


1. I feel that everyone needs a venting place or a safe place to release their thoughts and emotions.

How I plan on doing this

1. I have friends that I trust, my husband and my Mother to do this with. I am also going to keep a journal of my emotions and learn to give it to God by going to him as well in prayer. Just pouring out my emotions to him and letting his will take over.


1. I want to be closer to my Heavenly Father.

How I plan on doing this

1. I will pray even more to him and try to wait and listen. I will read my scriptures even more... really plan ahead daily what time I will read and just do it... studying everything that I read....

2. I want to be a better servant to the Lord

How I plan on doing this...

1. I want to do a daily random act of kindness. I want to really think about what I will do and then do at least one act of kindness every day. I would love to get my children involved in this :)

3. I want to be a better Mother and I put this under spiritually because I don't think the Lord can dwell with me when I yell or loose my temper

How I plan on doing this....

1. I have considered not talking for a day and if I do only doing it in whispered tones... I know that sounds crazy but I have done this before and my children really had to pay attention to what I was doing or saying and it made an amazing difference in how we felt by the end of the day. I am really considering a trial in this again

2. I need to continue in family prayer and scripture study with our family... let nothing STOP that!

3. I need to maybe put church music on when there is a lot of conflict in the house and keep the kids busy so that they are not bored.

4. I think I need to do a fhe on this where everyone is on board... and get them involved on how to keep the spirit in our house better

Spiritually #4

I want to think kinder thoughts... loving thoughts, give others the benefit of doubt, not be so judgmental and have more compassion towards others, especially my husband and children because at times I get quick with them out of exhaustion or frustration on not knowing how to FIX whatever it is that is happening..


1. I think I need a mental break like everyone else.

What I plan on doing

1. I think I am going to become interested in ME! I am going to have hobbies, and broaden my own horizons. My life up to this point has been all about my family... doing for them... and I think having time for myself and my own interests are just as important.

2. I also think I need to be stricter with my kids... set up things like chores first in the morning and then go on with our day. Maybe then it would be less stressful.

3. I need to get more organized with every day... just write it all out the night before what is on my agenda and then I know... maybe then I can sleep instead of listing them over and over in my head the night before ... *that keeps me awake*

Mentally #2 I need to stop being my worst enemy!

How I plan on doing this

1. Every time I say something that is negative to myself I need to replace it with a positive! I know many people do this but I HAVE TO STOP IT!!!!!!

I know I have been given so much. I think about so many others lives and all that they struggle with and I am just over whelmed with gratitude that my trials and lot isn't theirs. I have been greatly blessed. With health, family and home. My husband has a great job, we have insurance... we have stability. My children are happy and amazing people. I have animals. I LOVE ANIMALS!

I want to start looking at life as my cup is half FULL not empty... and in reality my CUP RUNNITH OVER!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to be that person that really desires nothing in the world because she has everything. I want to be that person that only finds the good in a person... I want to be that mother that never raises her voice and has lots of patience... I have a list that goes on and on.... these are all great things to work towards and SO .... IT STARTS NOW! :)

Have a great day! If you have read this, thank you for being my friend and loving me with all my faults and for who I have been. I am so thankful for the people God has put into my life!

Life as I know it...

I am sitting here thinking about this month... the many great things that have come about.... how blessed I feel... and just counting all my blessings.

This last Saturday the 23rd of June, it was Todd's and mine 22nd wedding anniversary. I will say I had no high hopes or expectations on the day. But, that morning started out with a phone call from my oldest Virginia.... and her hubby Ryan.
She said, "Mom, *paused* I am pregnant." I said...." WHAT? NO! HAHAHAHA.... your kidding right?" She said, "NO I REALY AM!" My response was basically SCREAMING and alot of movement that looked really funny as I was driving down the street. I think I may have even shakened my husband and screamed at him... "VIRGINIA IS PREGNANT WE ARE GOING TO BE GRANDPARENTS!"

That was a blessing... to hear such amazing news on my wedding anniversary. THE COOLEST THING EVER!!

Then the day proceeded with us shopping and getting the kids ready for our departure for the evening. ME TELLING COMPLETE STRANGERS WITH GREAT ENTHUSIAM THAT I WAS GOING TO BE A GRANDMA! :) LOL

Then Todd and I left about 3 to go to Horse Shoe Bend, where he had gotten us first class tickets on Thunder Mountain Train. We had no clue what to expect :)

We boarded the was adorable... we had our own booth table. Through out the ride, we had the pleasure of watching a live theatrical WILD WEST SHOW!~ It was hilarious and a lot of fun!
We met the neatest people on the train. A couple who were lds, that could not have children and had been married for 11 years.... and another very christian couple who had thier own dairy in Meridian. The view was spectacular. You could see river rafters on the river.... ONE EVEN TOOK OFF HER SHIRT TO SAY HELLO! That was shocking! But you really couldn't see much... kinda felt bad for the poor dear... she really had nothing to share! LOL
We were served a very delicious dinner as well. After the train ride we went to our favorite ice cream store there in Horse Shoe Bend. It has the most unique looking Ice cream. See the color on the swirl part well the color matches the flavor and you can have up to three flavors. For some reason that just fascinates me... LOL I KNOW I AM NUT!!!!!! YOU CAN LAUGH!

Came home to find our family doing just great... kids in bed... the next morning our kids woke us up to breakfast in bed.... so blessed! :) They didn't do it on our they made up for it. They know how important us celebrating the day we became "US" is and that means so much to me!

We had a great weekend. We went to see Brave, the park for lunch...then the FISH PARK in Boise... we love that place... then hit Krispy Kreme for donuts and were actually there when they made them so we sat and watched that for a while. When we came home... the kids all started pitching in to clean up the house and I didn't even have to ask. SO NICE!!!!! We just enjoyed each others company. I really needed a great day like that too! NO stress, no worries, just us as a big family, smiling and enjoying each other.

I just loved every minute of it. My children and husband mean so much to me. Family is everything! MY LITTLE FAMILY! :) Which is growing by leaps and bounds :)
The week before at Church, my Daughter and her husband were with us for sacrament and the bench was full... One person made the comment as to say...." How many M's can
one bench hold" I love it and what they didn't know.... is that they didn't know one was hiding :) IN VIRGINIA's BELLY :)

My Wonderful Son :)

12 years ago on June 14th 2000, my first son was born.... :) Oh how we were so thrilled. We had waited so many years for a son.
As he has grown and made great choices like getting baptised and complete his faith in God...

I sit here and am in awe over the thought that there will be another priesthood holder in my family. :) What a blessing! As I sat and pondered this, I got really emotional. I am listening to all the people that he is asking to be apart of this special moment and blessing, and my heart ached for a moment... MY FATHER WON'T BE THERE! HE CAN'T ASK MY FATHER! What a time in our life, a very special and important moment... and my Father won't be there. How my heart ached for a moment... I called my Mom and cried... I know that he will be there in spirit..but how I wish, OH HOW I WISH that he could be here physically. How I wish I could hear his sweet voice and watch his face as he sees his grandson receive the priesthood. How proud I know he would be and I am sure is in heaven.

I am so thankful that my son is a worthy young man...with great goals that he has set for himself. He has been such a fun baby, toddler and child.... and now he will be a great young man to enjoy. :) I am excited for his future... I already miss his younger years but so enjoying the here and the now!

I am excited for Sunday, and I know I will be really emotional. I am so proud of him. I am so thankful to the Lord for him. I am so blessed to have such an amazing son.