Sunday, October 28, 2012

32 Thank You's :)

    Well the last sunshine box made it. :) My friend called me and made me laugh. She said it took her 45 minutes to open the box! Then she was in awe that she saw popcorn box? She was kinda confused that I sent 24 packages of popcorn. LOL! Then she said it really made her smile when she opened it up and saw what was inside. :) I am glad she got it. They are about to be hit by some hurricane and I worried it wouldn't make it.  She said she had a bad day too, so once again... I believe angels helped to deliver the box when it was needed most :) That makes me feel so good.   I kinda got off the phone with her quick, she just kept thanking me and I kinda felt uncomfortable. I have realized I don't accept thank you's very well. I really enjoy giving but have a hard time hearing thank you back. I just wanted to do something special is all. :)  She was sweet to post this on her face book wall which was nice to read ... it did touch me but at the same time I felt like.... this is about YOU not me ;) and it felt like it got turned back on me... here is what was said... I want to remember the sweet comments. Names will be taken out for privacy
I'm truly luck to have the friends I have. My honey came home last night and walked thru the door with a package that had been sitting at my front door. I open it and it's a care package from my sweet friend Karine . It was to* M *and I and the box was full of creative goodies and treats. Totally unexpected and it really made my night! Thank you K for your endless thoughtfulness, friendship, love and support. You are a very special and dear friend. I am really blessed to have you in my life and I am proud to call you my friend. Love you! Thanks again for the special gifts! ♥
          I wroteglad it brought a smile to your face :)
          my friend wroteYou did more than that, K. You brought a smile to my heart.
          a friend of my friend wrote: That is just really sweet
           My friend wroteI think so too :)
         The other sunshine box receiver wroteShe is wonderful. One showed up at my doorstep on    Wed. After 2 horrible days it put the biggest smile on my face as well as made me cry. Karine  you bring such joy to so many. Good bless you. I love you!
  • *that part made me feel warm and joyful. A tear in my eye too..*
  • A friend of my friend:Now, that is a great lady friend!! Wow!!
    ME : Ur all too kind... was not that big of a deal wanted to show ya my love.I am blessed to call u both my friend.
  • My niece jumped inAuntie k Ur amazing and awesome I love u and I miss u!
Today I finished the thank you's for the school my kids go to.

I wanted to say thank you to all the staff there. Its a small school. I love that! The teachers are amazing! My children have thrived so much since being there. My son Jesse, who has struggled the most with all he has been through *neglect, abuse, abandonment before we adopted him*  has changed so much and I have had to be very watchful of him. I would of never felt OK in a public school, leaving him there that is... but I can leave him in full confidence at this school and everyone there knows about him and are always willing to help make good choices. THAT IS PRICELESS TO ME! I can't repay them. They are helping me mold him into a wonderful person :)  So this little thank you to all of them with a payday candy bar is nothing.  But it feels good. I am going to drop it off and its not signed. I won't hand them out to receive any thank you's back. I just will drop them off and know that everyone that works there will get one and I will feel so good :) I know they will smile and know someone appreciates them. :)

My next service projects will be done this week sometime. I want to make home made bread and deliver them to neighbors and friends :)  I don't know if I will ever stop doing this. I love this. There is a high you can not receive from any other thing in this world, than to serve others or to be kind to someone just because :) I feel blessed to be able to do each thing I am attempting :)

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