Friday, October 12, 2012

My Wonderful Son :)

12 years ago on June 14th 2000, my first son was born.... :) Oh how we were so thrilled. We had waited so many years for a son.
As he has grown and made great choices like getting baptised and complete his faith in God...

I sit here and am in awe over the thought that there will be another priesthood holder in my family. :) What a blessing! As I sat and pondered this, I got really emotional. I am listening to all the people that he is asking to be apart of this special moment and blessing, and my heart ached for a moment... MY FATHER WON'T BE THERE! HE CAN'T ASK MY FATHER! What a time in our life, a very special and important moment... and my Father won't be there. How my heart ached for a moment... I called my Mom and cried... I know that he will be there in spirit..but how I wish, OH HOW I WISH that he could be here physically. How I wish I could hear his sweet voice and watch his face as he sees his grandson receive the priesthood. How proud I know he would be and I am sure is in heaven.

I am so thankful that my son is a worthy young man...with great goals that he has set for himself. He has been such a fun baby, toddler and child.... and now he will be a great young man to enjoy. :) I am excited for his future... I already miss his younger years but so enjoying the here and the now!

I am excited for Sunday, and I know I will be really emotional. I am so proud of him. I am so thankful to the Lord for him. I am so blessed to have such an amazing son.

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