Thursday, October 21, 2010

GrandMax Made Jammies :)

Every year, my Mom (Karine's) GrandMax makes my kids jammies. They love them! :) So here they are :) First Virginia, who is off to College :)

Then Taylor who is 12

Then Cally who is 13

Then Kalene who is 16

and Jaden who is 10 gets two pairs :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Faith.... keeping it!

This adoption journey for us has been a great journey so far. For the last year and a half, we have learned many things. Hope, Faith and most of all, Patience.
I have watched my children go through the high's and low's of it as we have. We have had several hopeful opportunities that just were not meant to be, because they did not happen. We have had so many wonderful friends and family share with others that we are hoping to adopt, and I am so thankful for that! I have been so blessed, in hopes and search of the last child that is missing from our lives.
Some people ask me,"WHY? WHY START OVER?" I simply reply because I know we have so much to give and to offer a child. Because we are not complete. Because I love being a Mother! These people are people who don't understand big families either. They have 1.2 kids and live to play and retire.
I have come to trust the Lord more than I have ever trusted him. I have come to him in tears and with hope in my heart, and I believe if it's his will, we will be blessed with a child.
I love watching my children praying, as we gather for family prayer, and listening to them to bless the woman who is pregnant that might be carrying the child that is meant to be with our family. Listening to them pray for others to help her to find us so that she can become family too, touches my heart. Listening to them have faith and hope. They know, they just have that child like faith... that this will happen for us. No doubts. I am so blessed. They can't wait to welcome another child in our family.
I just had to write down my thoughts for a little while. They won't stay up long, for I like to keep this mainly about the kids and our family. But for a moment I felt I needed to share my gratitude towards my Heavenly Father for what I do have and for helping us as a family learn in more depth the meaning behind unconditional love, faith, hope and patience.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pictures :)

So I finally took this years pictures. I like to take pictures but I love to take them especially of each child in the spring and fall for my Wall :) To show off my beautiful children.
So here they are :) Some of my favorites. I did Virignia's (the oldest before she left for college)