Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 1 of service...

 I wanted to start my 41 acts of service in November, but yesterday at church, I felt strongly that I should start today. So I did.
I made a yummy dinner in a pumpkin and handed it out to  two families. One was a lady that I visit teach. She is going through a really hard time and she has been coming to church.  She was so excited that I made her a meal. I hope she enjoys it. The other is for a lady who has a lot of children and seems to run more than I do. I wasn't planning on making her one actually but I felt really strong as I was making it for my family and for this other lady that I should. So I DID :)
IT felt so great to do this for them. It wasn't a big thing really... but I put smiles on their face and that helped me to smile to know I did something nice for someone else :) 

I also went and bought things for my second project that I have in mind. I will write about it as I do it. :)
I am thankful I am able to do this. So thankful. I just hope that my promptings were right :)  I am excited about these projects :)

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