Thursday, June 24, 2010

A new outfit...

I saw this outfit and just had to have it! Its so cute! Todd played football in highschool. So I just thought this was perfect. I love the little logo on it. TACKLED 4 KISSES! In this family, the baby we are blessed with will be so loved :)

I love the brown and blues together :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Forever And For Always 20 years together! :)

This is to the love of my life! Today we celebrate 20 years together!
to listen, turn off my blog musica at bottom.
I am so blessed... we both feel blessed to have come so far in our marriage and to be so in love!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Amazing DAD

They say a Picture's worth a thousand words... so I thought I would show you pictures of the Father of our Home. :) We love and adore this man! He is a hard worker & a great provider! A loving Husband and Father. He is very involved in his children's lives and is there for them! He loves being involved in scouts. He is a man of many talents. He can build, fix or make just about anything :) He puts the Lord first in his life and then his family! He is fun and patient! He can be silly too! He enjoys hugs and kisses from his kids and cuddle time too. He is a great example to our children. He teaches our son how to treat a lady right and our girls how guys are to respect them. He teaches our children to do their best and to have integrity by example. He does homework with the kids, field trips, sled rides, snow ball fights and teaches by example to stand up for what is right . He plays games with the kids, takes his wife out on dates weekly (which teaches the kids how to be when married) The list is endless on what a Great Man/Father/Husband Todd is. We are so blessed to have such a Great Man be the Father of our home! Happy Father's Day my Love! Thank you for being my Man and the Father of our children!

Todd took the scouts to the Fire House

a birthday... Todd is always apart of the parties and helping me :)

Todd loves to carve pumpkins, dye eggs, make Christmas cookies. holidays are great!

He has always been and always will be a GREAT DAD!

He loves his wife! He spoils her! :) He works so she can be the stay at home Mom

Camping is just FUN!

Throwing the ball around with his son!

A family walk across a man made bridge

_He is helping Aylin across that we are helping to raise. (_Her mom died 2 years ago)

Daddy/Son time happens a lot! :)

Going on trip here... spending time with his daughters

reading scriptures with the kids...

He can build anything... -here he was helping me (Karine) make gifts for birth mothers.

He is putting in our yard here! He takes care of us well!

Helping with homework, which happened to be about the military and Todd served in the Navy on a submarine! Isn't that cool! he was a sonar tech
( he listened for the enemy but got to hear whales and sea life)

at school for a birthday party! :) He is very apart of our children's lives!

Sleeping with one of his baby girls! :) (Cally)

This picture says it all! He is HOT and COOL!

A Father/Daughter date

Snow time is fun time :)

More fun in the snow :)

We love him! We know we are missing a child! We are excited to complete our family!

Todd and the girls went to Martin's Cove and did a pioneer trek!

Jaden and Todd playing an airplane game :) Todd loves planes!

He is so handsome and a righteous man! He loves church!

Nothing like jammin out at home on Rock band together.

Dancing with Daddy! Love it! He does it with all our girls. I love it when he dances with me!

Boy time.... although he has taught all our girls how to shoot a gun and gun safety!

He is always around to help and to teach :)

He made the horse ride for Jaden and Aylin for the parade we were in to support Adoption! :)

The kids love animals and have bunnies, he and the kids fixed up a cage for the bunnies :)

fun riding with Todd! :)

Hands on learning. Todd was helping Jaden with a science project.

I could show a zillion pictures! He is just always here for us and the Best Dad around!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Its Jaden's Birthday Today :)

Jaden was born on Flag day. He thinks that is cool! :) Not so long ago our family was blessed with a beautiful baby boy named Jaden. He was 8 pounds 5 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long. We were so excited to have a boy! Finally! Lastnight, Jaden had a request. He wanted to sleep on the hammock so we brought it in and placed pillows on the floor in case he fell out. He ended up on the coach in the early morning hours, where he recieved breakfast in bed. (Or on the coach LOL)

Make a WISH! :)
He said he wished for his baby brother to hurry and come to our family! He is ready to be a big brother! :)