Thursday, October 25, 2012

Serving my child.....

      I wanted to share a precious moment.... my service project that I am doing...its for everyone .... I mean... I have tried to serve many friends and neighbors. Even strangers, but yesterday I felt the Holy Ghost whisper to me to go get my daughter a drink at work. I thought it was an odd thought...just so random and yet so clear.....  GET HER A DRINK!  So I ran to McDonalds because you can get a large drink for only 1 dollar. I grabbed her a Dr. Pepper...her favorite and I ran it to her :)

She was so surprised :) She later told me in a text she was having the worst day ever... Nothing was going her way and that she was really feeling frustrated and upset, until she got that drink. Which made her feel better, special and loved. 

I am so glad that I listened to the spirit... I am so glad it made her day. Just a simple little thing like that made her smile and get through a rough spot in her day :) I feel thankful that I did act upon that prompting :)

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