Friday, October 12, 2012

Life as I know it...

I am sitting here thinking about this month... the many great things that have come about.... how blessed I feel... and just counting all my blessings.

This last Saturday the 23rd of June, it was Todd's and mine 22nd wedding anniversary. I will say I had no high hopes or expectations on the day. But, that morning started out with a phone call from my oldest Virginia.... and her hubby Ryan.
She said, "Mom, *paused* I am pregnant." I said...." WHAT? NO! HAHAHAHA.... your kidding right?" She said, "NO I REALY AM!" My response was basically SCREAMING and alot of movement that looked really funny as I was driving down the street. I think I may have even shakened my husband and screamed at him... "VIRGINIA IS PREGNANT WE ARE GOING TO BE GRANDPARENTS!"

That was a blessing... to hear such amazing news on my wedding anniversary. THE COOLEST THING EVER!!

Then the day proceeded with us shopping and getting the kids ready for our departure for the evening. ME TELLING COMPLETE STRANGERS WITH GREAT ENTHUSIAM THAT I WAS GOING TO BE A GRANDMA! :) LOL

Then Todd and I left about 3 to go to Horse Shoe Bend, where he had gotten us first class tickets on Thunder Mountain Train. We had no clue what to expect :)

We boarded the was adorable... we had our own booth table. Through out the ride, we had the pleasure of watching a live theatrical WILD WEST SHOW!~ It was hilarious and a lot of fun!
We met the neatest people on the train. A couple who were lds, that could not have children and had been married for 11 years.... and another very christian couple who had thier own dairy in Meridian. The view was spectacular. You could see river rafters on the river.... ONE EVEN TOOK OFF HER SHIRT TO SAY HELLO! That was shocking! But you really couldn't see much... kinda felt bad for the poor dear... she really had nothing to share! LOL
We were served a very delicious dinner as well. After the train ride we went to our favorite ice cream store there in Horse Shoe Bend. It has the most unique looking Ice cream. See the color on the swirl part well the color matches the flavor and you can have up to three flavors. For some reason that just fascinates me... LOL I KNOW I AM NUT!!!!!! YOU CAN LAUGH!

Came home to find our family doing just great... kids in bed... the next morning our kids woke us up to breakfast in bed.... so blessed! :) They didn't do it on our they made up for it. They know how important us celebrating the day we became "US" is and that means so much to me!

We had a great weekend. We went to see Brave, the park for lunch...then the FISH PARK in Boise... we love that place... then hit Krispy Kreme for donuts and were actually there when they made them so we sat and watched that for a while. When we came home... the kids all started pitching in to clean up the house and I didn't even have to ask. SO NICE!!!!! We just enjoyed each others company. I really needed a great day like that too! NO stress, no worries, just us as a big family, smiling and enjoying each other.

I just loved every minute of it. My children and husband mean so much to me. Family is everything! MY LITTLE FAMILY! :) Which is growing by leaps and bounds :)
The week before at Church, my Daughter and her husband were with us for sacrament and the bench was full... One person made the comment as to say...." How many M's can
one bench hold" I love it and what they didn't know.... is that they didn't know one was hiding :) IN VIRGINIA's BELLY :)

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