Thursday, March 10, 2016

I have realized its time to get my life organized .... during the time the children are at school. I am finding myself not being as productive... and it is not the way to live. I need to incorporate many things... spiritual , physical, hobbies, social time and me time... all within the time I drop the kiddo's off and pick them up. Lets not forget clean a little.
So I am going to start with walking with a friend... right after I drop off the kids to school. That will get exercise out and social time :) I will love that... its a great combination.    then I will get spiritual in. I am thinking General Conference talk.. 1 a day along with scriptures... and then I will watch a movie and work some.... I put labels on dowels... then I might find a new hobbie. I am thinking sewing... Lets see if this works. I am always trying something like this to live better and be more productive. I am sure I will fix it along the way