Saturday, October 13, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

 I have a friend who had found a blog about doing random acts of kindness, but they did it on their birthday. So if you turn 30 you would do 30 random acts of kindness on that day... I thought about this... and I want to do something similar, but different. I have been trying to become more like Jesus. Even though I LOVE this idea and think it was a great one to do... I want to stretch it out and do something more... For me to do 41 acts of kindness would be rushed or I would feel rushed... and I want to really enjoy it and not rush. So ... I decided to do 41 days of SERVICE... not just kindness. I want to serve others. I want to do things that will really help and make them smile.  So I have been trying to compile my list. I have asked my friends to help me. I have asked the question..." WHAT ONE THING WOULD REALLY HELP YOU OUT RIGHT NOW IF YOU COULD HAVE IT?" on face book. Of coarse no one local answered... (I think there is a fear of admitting you have needs and a fear that someone will do it)  I know I don't think I could blurt out things like, " I have no energy left to make dinner or mop my floors." Believe me there were days where I didn't and most likely will have days where I won't. 

So here is my list so far and I want more ideas. I know that I could make each of these ideas into more than one day projects or more than one family.... but I really want to get creative. I am sure I will do several of these for different people.....

Do Dinners for someone who needs a break, or is exhausted, or is sick
Bake goods and take them to all my neighbors
Make Sunshine baskets for a select few that need some sunshine....
Watch someones kids who need a break or a date
Do a photo shoot for some teens who need to feel beautiful
Go to a homeless shelter and serve dinner or a meal or whatever they need help with
Go to an animal shelter and help there walking animals, bathing them, cleaning up after them. WHATEVER THEY NEED
Make Thank You cards with some candy on it and pass it out to  Over worked nurses, doctors, employees at various work places, police, and firemen... I was even thinking dispatch people
Thank the entire staff at my children's school with thank yous and a treat for their hard work
Help someone clean their house
Visit the old people in our ward.
rake someones yard up without them knowing  :)
I know that is a good start, but I want to do more....   I am going to blog about it every day, how I felt what happened, I am writing it because I want to remember how I felt to serve others. Not to get ooh's or aww's over it. Not to be prideful or boastful... My blog is my journal....... I want to remember this and I hope that I can bring my children with me to do these acts of service to teach them :)
I wanted to write my thoughts about this and I want to record this for my future, to look back on and hopefully by then this will have become a daily habit, naturally apart of who I am :) I have always said I know that ANGELS exist... I know that sometimes we, the people here on earth, ARE answers to someones prayers... I want to be that angel.... I want to be at least considered such an honor... I want to know I have done my part to help bring up my sisters and brothers spirits... even in the smallest acts that I am able to do. 

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