Thursday, March 21, 2013

This is a WHOPPER....

 So much has happened. I haven't blogged in a while now.
Baby Zoey was born and blessed. A beautiful blessing in all our lives!

So much is going on.... I don't  even know where to start...   My little Bella is struggling with some things so we found her a therapist. The therapist made me feel so good and light about it all. She was very impressed with all the research I had done on my own on traumatized children and how we have incorporated what I have learned into our lives.  I know my parenting style is so different today than it was with my first five children.
This is Bella
This is Ellie :) my 4 yr old
Ellie has to get her tonsils out... and adenoids and tubes in her ears out. I am super neverous about it. I was really emotional about it yesterday. My sister died when I was 8.. she was 11.. she literally hemorrhaged to death in my fathers arms in the hospital from a tonselectomy. So you can imagine my stress... I came home from the doctors yesterday just crying.... uncontrollably... shaking even. I just felt so lost... scared and not wanting to do this. My little girl needs this because her tonsils are almost touching and its causing her to have sleep apnea.  After a lot of praying.... and a lot of crying I have felt the Lords arms around me. Angels with me and I know... I KNOW that my Ellie will be ok. She will!  She is strong... and she has a great purpose here on earth. The Lord has plans for her.  
So I have just decided all will be well. And that is just how it must be :)
I have to get ready to see my oldest Graduate from College ;) Can't believe it! She will be a nurse. So proud of her.
Then getting ready to send off this daughter to college.

    Then my oldest, her hubby and new baby will move back home with us and find jobs and place to live. Life is just changing around here. I can't keep up. But I feel God's hands in my life... every day. I am so thankful for it. :)