Friday, October 12, 2012

Trying to become Christ like

I have been making and trying to keep goals recently that I have made for myself. One of them was to become more Christ-like. I planned on doing this by using the scripture about Love... what love is and reminding myself what love isn't. I have been using this with my children as well, when I have teaching moments. If they do something unkind, I ask them, "Is this love? is this what love looks like? What could you have done that would of been loving like Jesus?" I am excited to say just using LOVE as my teaching moment, has calmed my anger when I am upset with my children's choices. That alone has to have made a huge difference in teaching them. I feel more like a loving parent too.

One thing lately I have done was tried to think of a person being right there with me, able to hear whatever I said about them, WHO EVER THAT PERSON IS THAT I WANT TO TALK ABOUT. I imagine would my words hurt them? Would it be considered gossip?
Surprisingly, I found myself stopping myself twice this week so far from saying something about someone I cared about. I have been so impressed with this goal, I am going to continue with it. It has made profound changes in me. I can see myself starting to THINK before I speak and to actually stop thinking in a way that would not be Christ-like in the first place....
Which is the key, OUR THOUGHTS TURN INTO OUR WORDS AND ACTIONS... and I do not want to be like that towards anyone.

I have thought a lot about the Lord coming soon.... How close we could possibly be to his beautiful entrance into this world. And how unprepared I am. I don't want to be caught off guard or unprepared. I want to be able to stand at his mercy feet and I want to be blessed enough to hear him call my name and reach for me. I want to be able to look into his eyes without shame or guilt and know I am worthy to do so.

I have a lot of work ahead of myself, but it is so exciting to see these small changes I have tried so hard to make. Each goal and step of effort is bringing me closer to my Savior and the woman I want to say I have become. The example I want to be to my children.

I just had to share this moment. I was impressed to do so. Hope everyone is having a grand week!

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