Friday, October 12, 2012

What I need to do...

I need to just count my blessings. I woke with all this anxiety this morning..... all the worries that I can't share with anyone.... all the things that have me upset inside...
I said about a 2 hour long prayer this morning. I AM NOT LIEING! I didn't feel different... I think God got an ear ful for sure.... I ran errands this morning and felt more anxiety..... more upset when I let my mind ponder on the things that are upsetting me at this time.

I have searched today for answers... what to do, how to feel, how to let it all go.... how to move forward... how to trust in certain things, people and God.

As I am reading all these SO HAPPY GO LUCKY BLOGS out there, I just told myself.... count your blessings..
So I am going to do that right now and try to focus on that.

#1 Blessing, I am thankful for urologist... they can help my son, even though he may suffer all his life with stones and kidney issues... *which worries me* he will have a doctor to help us through it all.

#2, For the priesthood. I am thankful for the Priesthood and the power that I know blesses us through blessings of healing. I know I need one right now too!

#3 I am thankful for always making all our bills, and having enough for a little extra... I am so thankful for that while I sit and watch and cry with my friends who are so struggling to just find a job and eat. I am thankful I have been blessed with enough to share with my friends struggling and to still be able to help my daughter and her husband.

#4 I am thankful for my calling. It does stretch me and make me go the extra mile.

#5 I am thankful that my Mother is still around. I just can't imagine life without her!

#6 I am thankful my husband has a job

#7 I am thankful .. SO VERY THANKFUL for the vacation our family just took. We so needed it! *UNDERSTATEMENT*

#8 I am thankful for all our health.... especially my husbands and childrens

#9 I am thankful for my pets, they love me and ask for nothing in return!

ITs a start... I am sure the list can go on but for now I will end it there.... I feel a little better. I just have to focus on the positive....

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