Friday, October 12, 2012

Getting it together.

I have a lot that I want to do.... lists of things that need to be done around my house... lists! We held a special family counsel last night at dinner. We talked to the kids how we feel like we need help doing things and that they could contribute more. They agreed :) WHEW!!!!!!!
SO we are going to have family counsel every Sunday at dinner. Discuss what needs to be done that week or what we all can help work on.
This week...its getting Jesse to learn to ride his bike. Because I am out of shape and Todd gets home so late, we have asked the kids to help me. I can run with him while he peddles for only so long and because I am out of shape will need to take turns with someone. They agreed to help me :) SO HAPPY! AND THANKFUL!!!
The other thing we are going to focus on is DRIVING! We have to get Kalene to get her license.. She is working now and if she could just drive herself that would be ONE LESS place I would have to go or do. Plus I could use her help in errands and such. Cally is learning as well but Kalene only has till SEPT. 1st to get hers done because she is already 18. Cally has a years permit.

All this trying to get our family working as one has me thinking about things I want to accomplish. Like... I need to grout my tile in my kitchen SO BAD!!!!! and I need to re due it on my counters as well.... so I need to learn that.

I want to get a spiritual schedule up for me... where I make time to read articles out of the Ensign and write letters and in my journal and ready my scriptures, not just read but study.

I want to have Romance in my marriage. I love my husband but his ideas and mine are very different. I don't read smut books so its up to me fulfil this in my life and so I SHALL! I am going to start doing something creative with my man, that I consider ROMANTIC :) kinda excited to get my creative on!

I need to continue to keep my SPECIAL TIME with my kids going now more than ever because school started and they will need that one on one talking time :)

I want to exercise....

I want to start cleaning better. I want a home that is really clean looking and is :) So I have to make schedule for myself :)

I am always happier when I have a plan... and goals. SO these are they for now :)

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