Friday, October 12, 2012

A quick catch up :)

Kalene graduated from High school... in the top 10 :) So proud of her. She lettered in band too!
My mom has been here visiting for the last 10 days and we have just laughed so much every day and have had fun! I just love having her here. I am going to miss her. She leaves tomorrow.
Virginia comes in tonight to do a quick visit with my mom and us....
I want to take a family picture with my Mom while she is here but I just haven't found the time yet. I need to so bad!
My mom has had more fun telling my kids stories from our family. Like.... her great great great grandpa who was a pioneer... settled down in Utah and the crickets came.... They ate all the wheat and destroyed every field that layed in their path. My Great x3 Grandpa had great faith.... went out to his field when they came and told the crickets... HE PAID AN HONEST TITHE, THAT THEY COULD EAT EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE WHEAT HEADS!... The next day came and he went out and said, YOU ARE DONE... LEAVE and THEY DID! LEAVING THE WHEAT HEADS ONLY! :) HE SHARED THE PROFITS WITH ALL THE OTHER NEAR BY FARMERS :)

We talked about GOGGI, my grandmother who used to peel a zillion apples and we would all sit around and take turns eating each slice she cut.... while talking .... Yesterday Mom , Kalene and I made dehydrated apples and my apple peeler broke so we sat and did it the old fashion way... thinking and talking about GOGGI :) Sure miss my Grandma!

We talked about my sister.... her death... I think I finally have an understanding exactly what happened when she died.... it was hard to talk about it... My mother and I cried like it was yesterday together.... My mother knew exactly when my sisters spirit left her body... the sacred details of that moment she shared with me... is just amazing.... the things my poor sister endured.... the pain my parents suffered... it was a tragedy... but now I know the full story.. the details I have always worried to ask about because I didn't want to hurt my parents.

we have laughed... played card games.... watched movies... gone shopping, baked and made yummy stuff together.... planned future events, discussed and remembered past events... I have loved every moment that we have shared.... and will share till she leaves our car tomorrow to get on a the plane.

I believe she has found her true match and soul mate in my Step Father WAYNE :) I am so thankful he came into her life. She has gone places and done so many wonderful things because of him. She has really lived since he came into her life. Done things I would of never thought she would try. :)
My mother still is one of the most amazing people I know and I love her like a best friend!

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