Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random Pictures

I love to take pictures. I have so many I want to share... but these are just a few random ones I picked today :)

So I told Cally, Taylor and Jaden to make a funny face :) I love it! They keep me smiling! Cally is on left and Taylor is on right :) I am sure you figured out Jaden.

Virginia was Statue of Liberty for a school project. I thought it was a cute outfit she came up with :)

Todd and Jaden checking out the bats and birds in the caves when we went to Craters of the Moon. Cute Daddy and son picture.

These are my two older daughters. Virginia is the blonde and Kalene is the brunette. Kalene was so excited to be getting taller. Virginia is tall, the tallest in our family. I don't think any of the other children will ever be as tall as she is. She is slightly taller than me now. She likes it that way :)

This is us in our Dairy Days Parade, supporting FSA (Families Supporting Adoption). Check out the horse ride we made for Jaden and the little girl I watch Aylin. They had more fun riding the whole parade waving. They were the stars of the parade :)

I loved this sunset. I love sun rises and sunsets. They are very serene to me :)

This is my Mom! We are very close. She currently lives in Arizona but she visits often and we visit her. She and I have so much fun together. She is one of my Best Friends! I adore her. She is called GrandMax by the kids :)

OH I love this picture of Jaden. He wanted to be a big boy like his Daddy so he got a fake shaving kit for Christmas one year and hasn't stopped using. He shaves on Sundays and for special occasions. Its so cute! Todd and Jaden have their own special stash of cologne. He is my little man. :)

Ok, I love TREES! When I was growing up, my grandmother who we called "Goggi" had a tree that looked like this but it didn't have candles like mine. Where the circles were on hers had pictures of everyone in the family. So when I found this at Graples, I fell in love and had to have it. It reminds me of my childhood and brings great comfort :)

These two pictures Todd actually took. I loved the view and asked him to take it while I was driving. This field is next to our subdivision. This last year someone told me they were growing canola. Not sure but it was beautiful!!!!

This was precious, I found Jaden asleep on the couch with his little hands like that. I thought he looked like a little angel. :) Boys are so much fun! I can't wait to get another one!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thoughts about the Birthmother that will pick us...

I am the 5th person from the left over, wearing white pants and a blue shirt. This picture was taken at a Birth Mother dinner we put on for all the BirthMothers in the area this year. I loved this night.... I was able to serve women who I felt so much respect for... Who I even felt immidate love towards. Some were pregnant... some had already placed. There was one young lady that I felt so drawn to, she had already placed her child up for adoption and even told everyone about being on Oprah for 5 seconds of fame. She had brown eyes and her mom had brilliant blue eyes. I sat next to them and talked with them for a little bit...I enjoyed the few minutes I had with her and her mother.
Birth mothers have a special place in my heart. I just feel so touched by their stories and life... blessed by knowing them.
I don't know why I was so nervous that night, other than I just didn't want any of these ladies to think that I was there for the baby and not them. I really was excited to serve these ladies. It was a small act of kindness I could do, to support and love them. I was worried I would open my mouth and say something stupid or thoughtless. I just wanted to hug everyone of them. I feel like my life is better for knowing them.
I made several new friends that night :) I hope to continue to make more!
I want to share with you one of my friends video's that she made. This is the link. Copy and paste it to your explorer or browser.
Its a beautiful video of what LOVE is... My friend Desha made it and its her story. She made others, you might see them under this video. Feel free to see them. But I love this song played in this video... FROM GOD'S ARMS, TO MY ARMS, To YOURS! :)

I have had my birthmother (the one that will choose us) on my mind. We have had family prayer every day and night... and we include her in that prayer. We pray she has all that she needs, including support, love and peace of mind. We pray that she will find us and feel of our love and feel great peace in knowing where her child will be. I can only imagine what she might feel right now. My heart goes out to her. She is going to be our families Angel! For we could not complete our family without her. She chose life for this child. What a gift. What a blessing it will be to know our birth mother ... if that is what she chooses.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who is Todd???

So I thought I would tell you more about the love of my life... Todd :)
1.He is the leader of our home :) You could say we ALL STAND BEHIND HIM

2.He treats me like a queen... spoiling me a lot. When I want something, he works hard to make sure I get it. :)

3. He is my biggest supporter!

4.He is a big kid at heart! 9 out of 10 times... if kids are around, you will find Todd with them. :) (that was one reason I fell in love with him... I knew he would be a GREAT Dad!)

5. He can make me smile and laugh even when I am the most upset! (sometimes that erks me more...cause when I am mad, the last thing I want to do is smile... makes sense right?! :)

6. He is a CAN-DO person... if there is something that needs fixing, making or built... he does it! It doesn't matter if he doesn't know how or has never done it before. He says, that is the best way to learn is to just jump in and try to do it :) He has built homes, put in whole bathrooms, fireplaces, re-roofs, new floors... the list is endlist! HE FIXES CARS :) He saves us so much money and its great, because our children have learned so much from him :)

7. He is a jokester..... he loves to play little jokes on people or tries to make jokes up. He likes people to be happy :)
(some fun info on us as a couple.... We get into water fights, whip cream fights, dart gun fights :) We have a lot of fun in our marriage :) Check out his shirt!

8. He is ALL BOY!!!! He has a garage full of tools and toys. He loves dirt biking (he wants a four wheeler and snow mobiles) He loves camping. If there is a boy scout outing, he is there! :)

9. Todd is compassionate. He teaches our children by example, he helps the needy. Todd loves to help others. If he hears they are moving, he is there to help move furniture and whatever is needed. Todd finds great joy in helping those in need. He helps our family at Christmas think of the less fortunate and we will buy gifts for a family in need with Christmas dinner and all. Todd will take the money out of his pocket and hand it to a homeless person whenever he see's one. He is very giving.

10.Todd loves his children and is very involved in their lives. He and I take turns on field trips. He helps with home work and takes time to do special Father/Daughter/Son outings ;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A quick note...

So I realized today that this might help the birthparents see that we are like everyone else :) So I took some of my journals that I blog in private and made them public :) There were so many, these are just a few... I will try to write on here often :) Just jot down my thoughts and feelings ... hopes and dreams.... all in hopes that I can make a connection with the birthmother considering us :)
Who ever you are... I hope soon you will find the courage to email us, ask questions that you might seek answers to and try to get to know us. It just might help you make your decision :)
We pray for you every morning and night as a family and individually. Your never far from our thoughts and our hearts!

Sept. 23, 2009
Today Taylor was accepted in the charter school that Cally and Jaden are going to! I love this school. Its smaller... the teachers have a better ratio of students to teacher! They do so much more in class than the school districts around here, for example, Jaden is learning SPANISH and is only in 4th grade :) I am so happy! They get to learn all sorts of instruments. Taylor will take Orchestra and learn now to play the violin :) She is really into art and writing stories and so there is a class that will help her do well there too! :) My kids love this school. The kids have to keep a C average or above... which mine are really smart kids and they all keep A's and B's. I tell them all I require of them is to do their best. If their best on a test (after studying) is a D then I am proud of them) giving them that input, they have really done well in school. I have no complaints :) Anyhow, we are all very excited to have all three kids in this school. :) The other two girls are very happy in their Highschool. And they are old enough to have a say, even though my Tay, Cally and Jaden wanted this Charter school, they could of said no. I try to let my children make decisions for themselves :) I am so happy they are happy!

Sept 22, 2009
This is a quick picture of Aylin and Jaden playing together with tinker toys. They had both built some car like thing and I had to beg them to let me take their pictures.... GEESH MOM! :) THEY WERE INTO THEIR GAME! Too cute!

Look at what I made for Halloween :) SPOOKY!

Sept 17th... I CANNED AGAIN :)

There is something great about being self sufficient!!! I love that I know where the food has come from :) NO perservatives :) They were fresh! I love the help from my children as I teach them how to be able to can the food they grow in their gardens or pick at the orchards :) This canning thing has made me "the city girl" left with the impression that I have gone to the other side :) TURNED COUNTRI-FIED :) LOL

Sept. 10,2009
Uncle Gary came to visit. The kids adore him. He loves to play games and will sit for hours and teach the children new games... card games, board games... you name it :) We had so much fun with him. Here is a picture of Uncle Gary with Jaden, playing Chess. Jaden just joined the Chess club in school, so it was great practice for him :)
Uncle Gary is my (Karine the mom's) Uncle and my kids Great Uncle :)

More Catch up

Kalene bought a flute! Yep, she wants to learn how to play it and be in band now, in highschool. Her talents never cease to amaze me. Her friends and the band teacher have decided to group together and teach her. She has almost all the notes down! :) She will be a flute player and a guitar player... The guitar she self taught! :) I love that my kids love music! :) I can almost have my own Band with my kids....:) With all the talented kids I have why not?! :) I love it!

August 19 2009 Its Tays Birthday My sweet girl turns 11... where has the time flown? She is so much fun. She keeps us all laughing! Our little jokester! She wanted drums now for 2 years, we found a set and bought it. Todd wanted to see her wake up to her suprise before work, so we woke her up, (she slept with cally in Cally's room) it was 6 a.m. :) She is so beautiful! I am so blest! She loves her family and can't wait to be a big sister again!
Trying to figure out how to put a clip of her wake up call to her drums on here...

TUESDAY, JULY 21, 2009

Everyone else says it :
So everyone keeps dreaming about us adopting our little boy :) They tell me this all the time. Many different people. I am blown away at how many people see what I dream about coming true. I think its Heavenly Father trying to tell me its gonna happen, because its my every thought and prayer. So he is trying to tell me keep the faith. It will happen. I have done all I can... I hope others are remembering to help. By having my blog somewhere written down with them at all times, they just might help complete us.
I hope ... I HOPE!

Motherly Advice

Motherly Advice
So one of my daughters friends call me, yes he is a boy, and he asks me for advice... and tells me that he has been going out with all these different girls hoping to find someone like my daughter Virginia. He said he would rather be Virginia's significant other but knows she does not want to get serious till she is 18. It was really sad and hard to listen to. I kind of hurt for him.
I remember what it was like to be young and to like someone you felt like you had no chance with.
I advised him to date and befriend Virginia and in time, she would come around if it was meant to be.

I do love that my children's friends call me MOM and that they feel comfortable to talk to me and let me help them in life :) That is really a blessing to me :)

Tammys (my friend) is complete!!
Well I just had to share today, a very special day... Tammy's little man GAVIN is now hers legally :) HE IS A ADOPTED! WAHOO! I cried... in the court room.... I know... I am such a boob.... and it was really good to go cause I saw a family become what they longed to be.... complete :) Now we just have to go to the temple and seal the deal! LOL
I am so happy for Gavin... he is with a great family! He will be loved and brought up with direction :)
I can't wait for the day I get to do this with my little guy.... now I know what to expect :)

Everyone there at Callys Party! :) WE did a PRE-TWEEN PARTY! She loved the Mall scavenger hunt :)


Cally's 12 today

My 3rd daughter is now 12... I can't believe 12 years ago I couldn't wait to meet the little child that grew inside me. Who helped me thru my fathers funeral... who gently kicked me inside reminding me I was not alone or had nothing to live for, during a really difficult time...... I have always said Cally was my serenity! :) MY PEACE! She is such a gentle soul.... she gets her feelings hurt easily .... so we have had to teach her to not take things to heart.... and to toughen up! :)
Thru out the years we have enjoyed Cally... she is growing up to be so beautiful. HER EYES are the first thing you see on her... her laugh is contageous. I knew while my Dad was alive, he tried so hard to live long enough to see her. He died 1 and half months before she was born. Cally has never met my father, and my last three children haven't either, but they know him still! We remember him, we do things in honor of him.
Cally was my tinest baby... she was 7 pounds 10 ounces. She was beautiful and almost bald. She was then and is now my joy and peace... I hate that my children are growing up... I love it too! ITs bitter sweet. I want to keep them all little and my babies :) but at the same time, how great is my joy that we are so close. I am so blessed.
MY CALLY SARINE IS NOW 12. I thank God every day for her and all my children.

Random Thoughts :)

MONDAY, JULY 6, 2009

Virginia's job

WEll this morning I walked for 2 hours with Virginia doing door to door papa murphy coupons. It was good excercise. The girl earns 6 bucks for every 100 coupons she puts out. We are 4 short right now, from 12 dollars, 200 houses that we did in two hours. I am wiped! We have not finished the area we are suppose to do, but needed to stop because I have to take Jaden to swim lessons. THANK HEAVENS! I could just see my Dad smiling as he must have... for he use to tell everyone how he would help me do a paper recycling route in our neighborhood, spent x amount of money on gas, and hours while I jumped out, picked up and collected only a few dollars for the amount of work I did. He was proud of me... he liked showing me the value of a dollar and how hard it is to work... I just felt as he must have, while walking with my very responsible daughter. She is hoping this lands her a job with Papa Murphys. Cody, a friend of hers, did this and then they hired him. They said its a test to see who really wants to work and earn money and who will be a good worker. SO KEEPING FINGERS CROSSED THIS DOESN'T TAKE LONG!
I am already tired and thinking, I don't care how much gas it takes, after swim lessons I will follow her in the car! LOL I just can't let a beautiful girl walk around strange streets by herself. NOT SAFE!

Saturday, July 4, 2009
4th of july

I am sitting here thinking how are you (my child)... How is your birth mom... is she just going day to day trying to not think about being pregnant? is she enjoying you growing inside her tummy? feeling you kick? I am sitting here dreaming of holding you, possibly breast feeding you and excited with those thoughts. How I wish I knew someone had already picked us. How I wish the day you arrive was today.
I watch my friends who are about to give birth and I am happy for them but sad for myself. For I long for my baby in my arms to hold and love as well.
How my arms long to hold you. How my heart longs to love you and how my mind needs to know you are here safe with me where you belong, so I can rest.
Today is the 4th of July... Our family will go watch the parade. We will watch the fire works... and as I do a head count, I will find I am still missing special someone.... please hurry to me.... baby of mine!

FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 2009

Today has been eventful

So our little bunnies got into a fight and we found out that we have two boy bunnies that can't live together or they will kill each other...... sooooooooooooo we had to buy another cage. SO we now have three bunnies, three seperate cages.... and I am thinking...this is good, good responsibility for the kids. ITS ALL GOOD! (keep saying that Karine! )
We have decided to go on a quick to trip to craters of the moon and shoshone falls, so the car's oil was changed today.... I have baked for us to eat yummies and got water and gum. The car is clean and ready to pack. I have made preparations for all the animals... the dogs will be outside for the day with ice water and shade that I made for them with a tarp :)
All the other animals will resume to normal living. We feed before we leave and when we get home. NO BIGGIE :)
I am excited. I have wanted to go there since before we had kids. Todd and I went there but never have taken our kids. I loved it then. I just know my kids will love it. We would of stayed and camped but we need to go to church Sunday cause last week we didn't make it and Virginia will need to bare her testimony on girls camp :)
my house is back to its normal noiseyness :) WAHOO! I am happy!(my girls are back from girls camp and I missed them so much, but had great one on one time with just Taylor and Jaden)


She lost it.

So this young lady that I was going to help, has lost the baby. She was 7 weeks along and miscarried. She is going thru mixed feelings. I am actually relieved for her. Now we need the MOM talk..... birth control.... and so on.. :)
I know right now she might feel bad about it all, but in the long run its a blessing, this will allow her to graduate from highschool :) She is an amazing young lady! She is beautiful and bright. She has so much to offer and so much she can do with her life :) I am excited to watch her live like a normal teen now :)

Our Wedding Anniversary :) 19 years!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Married for 19 years now

SO today is Todds and mine 19th anniversary. I can't believe it. We are still together after all that our 19 years has brought us. There have been some really hard times, time where I thought I am done! Times where he thought the same. There have been wonderful and sweet times. THROUGH IT ALL We have been blessed. Now we are better friends than ever before. We love each other more than ever and know how the events in our marriage made us stronger. How what we have now is way better than whatever we started out with. We know we are always there for each other and that we do have each others back, someone has ours :)
Married, HAPPILY MARRIED, content in life,except I still feel that empty space I am longing to fill when we adopt :) the one where we will be complete :) We have been richly blessed.
Today the best gift we could ask for, We are "OFFICIALLY" online with LDS Family Services :) YES!!!!

SUNDAY, JUNE 14, 2009

God is really encharge!

So this young lady who I am protecting her name at this time, who is pregnant came over today. She spent the day with us. Told Todd, there is no other family she will place her child with and if we won't adopt her baby she will keep it.
I told her we feel the child we are meant to have is a boy... She said... I am pretty sure I am having a boy.
All I know is I have to leave it in Gods hands. So I have convinced her to go to birth mom support meetings WITH ME :) cause she wants me to be her supporter every Tuesday.
She told me she wants me there from start to finish. After she went home. Todd started crying... saying he always knew she was placed in our lives 4 years ago for a reason...and how he could see god's plan fitting so perfectly ...and if this is it...its wonderful... and how apart of it all we will be. I love that my husband feels things so deeply and loves people :)
Then Virginia tells me they went off driving and she was telling Virginia she wasn't ready to be a mom and didn't want that yet...
I just have to give all of this to God. HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU KNOW HAVE THEIR BIRTH MOM COME TO THEIR DOOR AND SAY YOUR IT FOR ME???????????? I am not complaining, just in shock.... very much so....

FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2009

She wants me for her child....
Today I was blown away when a certain young lady who has been apart of our life for a while now, showed up at my door. She is my 17 year olds friend. She tells me she is pregnant and that she wants us to be the parents. I was speechless.... I told her I will be there for everything and help her in any way possible and that if she really wanted us, that we would have to pray about it first...
I am blown away.... I know this girl really well. She has not had an easy life.
I am not sure what else to say. I have decided to get her to LDS FAMILY SERVICES MEETING FOR SUPPORT AND to help her with her options. I will go with her. which in a way will be a blessing, she has no mother... her mother died years ago.
Anyhow... I have much praying and fasting to do. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT I WAS SELECTED SO SIMPLY? Its very sweet... I am really touched and blown away :)

Dairy Day Parade :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009
WE did the Dairy Days Parade :)
Maggie on the far left is Kalene's friend and the little girl on the horse is Aylin... I watch her and have since she was born :) She is like family. (Her mom died a year ago and was a doctor)

So we were in the parade. DAIRY DAYS!> We were MOOVED BY ADOPTION! Well it was a 4 mile walk.. which for us, pushing and pulling Jadens cart was more like running 4 miles. MY FEET were in severe pain when we got home. I had the worst broken pair of sneakers. I should of bought me some new ones before we went. Anyhow, in the parade it was amazing... People all over were yelling they were adopted or they had adopted. IT WAS NEAT! Our parade existance I think meant something to others who supported adoption. It made me a little emotional. I know wierd.
We were on T.v. Kalene, Taylor and Maggie were and Todd for just a little bit. IT WAS GREAT!
Felt like we were apart of something great. We were the only ones dressed like cows... :) I loved that too.

June 14th
Its Jadens Birthday! :) he is 9.... it is so much fun having a boy! He is so different from my girls! :) Today we made a cake... he wanted to make it, so he did from scratch... He has a few of his buddies spending the night... in the tent in the back yard :) Our birthday is going to be themed for spy's... all the games are around that! From finding Jadens gifts with clues to water balloon fights, mummy wraps with toilet paper fun and more! Its going to be a blast! I love to make birthdays themed! Its fun! All the boys that come get to take home cute stuff, like nerf bombs, GI Joe men and so forth :) Jaden hopes his little brother comes soon. He wants to teach him everything. He is going to be such a good big brother!

MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2009

Its Summer

So I am trying to stay busy... I am making sure the kids and i are going to the ymca, to swim or workout...whatever they want to do.
I have passes to the Zoo now, so will plan a weekly if not bi-monthy trip there with picnic lunches too.
I am just trying to stay busy and focused.
Allot is going on this month. Jadens Birthday... Girls camp... Todds and Mine 19th wedding anniversary... Fathers day. It never ends...

Virginia needs her wisdom teeth out..
So... that is all that is on my mind.... lots

Homestudy done...

Friday, May 29, 2009
Homestudy done...

So we are now done with the homestudy part. Just waiting for Brenda to get our stuff finished and online. I can't wait. I wish we could just hurry up! I feel so anxious. Nervous... Very Excited!!!

This would be so much easier if I could just know someone picked us... and when she is due...
Tonight Todd and Jaden are leaving to go father son camping. So Along with Aylin we are going to have a girls night.... Today we will go to the ymca and tonight the movies.
I hate being alone and sleeping alone. I hope I can sleep. Anyhow... homestudy is done :)


One hour interviews :)

We did our one hour interview with Brenda Brown. (our Case Worker)
She asked me how did I know Todd loved me? Or how does he show it. I told her by asking me to dance out of nowhere, by calling me Beautiful and Sunshine. By picking me a rose from our rose garden and telling me he loves me. That he is a touchy feely kind of guy so we hold hands everywhere.
She asked me about my Mom and Wayne, I told her how involved they are and excited. How Mom is always sending care packages and we talk like daily. How Wayne loves to have the kids do projects when he comes for a visit. How we love being with them
She asked about Malene.... and Jason... (my siblings that died when I was a child) and I told her... she was sorry for me. NOT WHAT I WANTED...but usually happens.
She heard about Aylin and is impressed with our care to her.(a little girl I watch, her mother died in a car accident a year ago)
Brenda is coming next Thursday for our homestudy and can't wait to meet our children. She was so impressed with how well we spoke of our children. She said she can see we have done an amazing job with them :)
She told me she will put a hurry on all the paper work,
IN CASE SOMETHING HAPPENS QUICKER THAN EXPECTED :) Kinda gave me chills and then the tears flowed in the car as I thought about calling all my friend and family... and saying, come meet my boy:)
She asked me and Todd our thoughts on birth mothers. She said TOdd cried... I told her he is just very sentimental and sensitive. She told me I was very lucky to have a man like him. I told her, YOu don't stay married for 19 years if your not lucky :)
so I am excited almost done with this part :) CAN'T COME FAST ENOUGH :)