Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm trying to be like Jesus

Every morning, my daily life starts at 5:30 am..... first with my husband, who wakes up and usually needs to talk & cuddle. You know, starting His day off to a great start which I usually am unable to go back to sleep until he leaves at 6 :30.... then I have two options.... I can lay in bed for my moment of peace and quiet or I can get up and come down stairs until the children wake up one by one at 7 if not sooner. The thing is.... as soon as I come down stairs, my immediate responsibilities are the animals... *as if I lived on a farm* The dogs need to go out.... the birds hear me and start to sing, the parrot wants out of his cage to be loved on. So I usually stay in bed until I absolutely have to get out of it. *please don't get me wrong, I love my family and my life, but I have realized that taking care of everyone, healing them, caring for them, having the constant of people in need of me and animals has led me to believe that something has to change in order for me to make changes in my life that I want to see come about, that I feel need to come about*

I had the great blessing of getting away for a quick trip to see my oldest daughter this weekend. I was so excited to be able to sleep in.... I had the opportunity for sure...but NO... my body is on a self alarm thing I guess, because at 5:30 I was awake...then I fell back to sleep till 7 and then it was pointless to lay there. All I wanted was to be able to sleep in, just once and my own body said, " NOPE!"

I have found lately that I want some changes for myself. Spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally! I want to change for the better. I want to be more Christ-like. Have more of his personality instilled within my very soul. On my trip, while driving, many impressions came to me on how I could go about this.

First, I must find that quiet place... that peace every day even if it means I must wake up at 4:30 to do it! I really think that it’s important. Second, I need to make personal goals for myself that are realistic and attainable and third, I need to just be as thankful as possible for every little blessing that comes my way... change my attitude and perspective. I need to be content and I want to recognize every little blessings as little miracles in my life. Really devote my life to my Heavenly Father. Who wants me to devote my life to my family as well :)

So here I am thinking of what Christ-like values I really want to become. I love the above picture. It reminds me that Jesus is always here for me, waiting ever so patiently for me to just open the door and let him to take over. Sometimes, I forget that big picture.

So let’s start with my goals.... yes, I am sharing them here with EVERYONE in the world because my children need to see that I too need to do this in my life to become a better person.

Physical goals

1. I just want to become more active. If I loose weight and get tone then that is a blessing. I don't want the stress of loosing weight. I just want to change my lifestyle and become more physical in my daily life.

How I plan on doing that:

1. To make this change I need to dedicate going to the ymca *which I am paying for so I might as well do it* and work out daily and swim. *I LOVE TO SWIM*

2. I am going to encourage family bike rides and family walks through out the evenings of the week with the family :)


1. I feel that everyone needs a venting place or a safe place to release their thoughts and emotions.

How I plan on doing this

1. I have friends that I trust, my husband and my Mother to do this with. I am also going to keep a journal of my emotions and learn to give it to God by going to him as well in prayer. Just pouring out my emotions to him and letting his will take over.


1. I want to be closer to my Heavenly Father.

How I plan on doing this

1. I will pray even more to him and try to wait and listen. I will read my scriptures even more... really plan ahead daily what time I will read and just do it... studying everything that I read....

2. I want to be a better servant to the Lord

How I plan on doing this...

1. I want to do a daily random act of kindness. I want to really think about what I will do and then do at least one act of kindness every day. I would love to get my children involved in this :)

3. I want to be a better Mother and I put this under spiritually because I don't think the Lord can dwell with me when I yell or loose my temper

How I plan on doing this....

1. I have considered not talking for a day and if I do only doing it in whispered tones... I know that sounds crazy but I have done this before and my children really had to pay attention to what I was doing or saying and it made an amazing difference in how we felt by the end of the day. I am really considering a trial in this again

2. I need to continue in family prayer and scripture study with our family... let nothing STOP that!

3. I need to maybe put church music on when there is a lot of conflict in the house and keep the kids busy so that they are not bored.

4. I think I need to do a fhe on this where everyone is on board... and get them involved on how to keep the spirit in our house better

Spiritually #4

I want to think kinder thoughts... loving thoughts, give others the benefit of doubt, not be so judgmental and have more compassion towards others, especially my husband and children because at times I get quick with them out of exhaustion or frustration on not knowing how to FIX whatever it is that is happening..


1. I think I need a mental break like everyone else.

What I plan on doing

1. I think I am going to become interested in ME! I am going to have hobbies, and broaden my own horizons. My life up to this point has been all about my family... doing for them... and I think having time for myself and my own interests are just as important.

2. I also think I need to be stricter with my kids... set up things like chores first in the morning and then go on with our day. Maybe then it would be less stressful.

3. I need to get more organized with every day... just write it all out the night before what is on my agenda and then I know... maybe then I can sleep instead of listing them over and over in my head the night before ... *that keeps me awake*

Mentally #2 I need to stop being my worst enemy!

How I plan on doing this

1. Every time I say something that is negative to myself I need to replace it with a positive! I know many people do this but I HAVE TO STOP IT!!!!!!

I know I have been given so much. I think about so many others lives and all that they struggle with and I am just over whelmed with gratitude that my trials and lot isn't theirs. I have been greatly blessed. With health, family and home. My husband has a great job, we have insurance... we have stability. My children are happy and amazing people. I have animals. I LOVE ANIMALS!

I want to start looking at life as my cup is half FULL not empty... and in reality my CUP RUNNITH OVER!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to be that person that really desires nothing in the world because she has everything. I want to be that person that only finds the good in a person... I want to be that mother that never raises her voice and has lots of patience... I have a list that goes on and on.... these are all great things to work towards and SO .... IT STARTS NOW! :)

Have a great day! If you have read this, thank you for being my friend and loving me with all my faults and for who I have been. I am so thankful for the people God has put into my life!

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