Thursday, April 29, 2010

Field trip and a hair cut :)

I GOT A HAIR CUT!!!! LOVE IT :) its layered... feels so great! :)

TAYLOR IS THE THIRD FROM THE LEFT! :) her Choir group went to FESTIVAL! Earned a 2 :) :) :) :)


TAYLOR AND I (Karine the MOM ) being SILLY ON THE BUS ... just keeping it REAL! LOL

I thought we were BOTH smiling in this one... appearently not... THAT IS TAYLOR! :)

It was a good Mommy/Daughter day!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Our fun & crazy weekend...

Our weekend was busy, fun and a little crazy... ;) Taylor made paper airplanes, she cracks me up! I gave Cally a Hair cut... ;) Cally and I (Karine the Mom) Worked on Personal Progress together. ( I am doing it this year too with my girls :) Todd and Jaden started a science project together... Virginia and Todd were going over some scriptures together. Sadly we didn't see much of Virginia this weekend, she worked a lot on Sat and she was wiped Sunday after church, plus homework! She is a hard worker! :) This is Jaden's project...
This is Kalene practicing her flute, which she taught herself to play :) I am so proud of her! :) She is joining band this next coming year :)
What I don't have pictures of is the game mastermind that Taylor, Cally and I (Karine) played together :) We had the ward missionaries over because Kalene has some friends we are going to help teach. So they stopped by and we watched a nice video with them.
For some reason this blog won't upload the video I made of us playing monkey in the middle in the house! It was crazy but fun! :) Guess who was in the middle the most... yep me! LOL

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Saturday Project :)

We took all day to put a hutch together for our bunnies :) They are so happy now :) We really enjoy doing projects together as a family. The kids are excited that the bunnies have a new big home. Will try to get pictures of them in it soon. It was dark when we put them in it and set them up.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our latest camping trip to the Sand Dunes

We had a wonderful time. Videos are at the bottom. We roasted marsh mellows, sang camp fire songs, star gazed at the observatory, hiked around camp and up the dunes, slid down the dunes, dug in the sand, flew kites, threw the ball around, shot cans with bb guns, relaxed and make new friends!!! Nothing but great family fun! This is Cally walking up the dune for the 3rd time... I love the view around this place! Beautiful! The kids are going up the dunes and Kalene was coming down. Virginia flying her kite. Jaden trying to shoot some cans with his bb gun. Grandma & Grandpa & Virginia and Cally relaxing. Taylor Wynn and Todd playing catch with the ball. Jaden catching the ball! :) He did great! Taylor watching a movie at night before bed. All the kids roasting Marshmellows and singing camp fire songs. Todd relaxing and enjoying the sun the first day we got there. (it was a little chilly that day) Cally and Taylor walking/running with the dogs. Jaden shutting Kalene's hood telling her to stop reading HAMLET and come play! Virginia and Karine (mom) being silly taking a photo of ourselves. Kalene reading Hamlet and Taylor checking out littlest pet shop characters.

I want you all to know 20 years might seem like a long time but it doesn't feel that long ago for us! WE are so young in heart and our love is only stronger today than it was when we were first married. Isn't my man cute! I adore him!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Baby Pictures...

This is Todd as an infant he weighted 7 pounds 5 oz ... we don't have many pictures of him, he had a cleft lip as a baby.

The next two pictures are Karine (me, the mom) I was 6 pounds

The next two are Virginia, the oldest child weighted 8pounds 14 oz.

This is Kalene our second daughter she was our biggest baby 9 pounds.

Cally was our littlest baby 7pound 10 oz.

Taylor Wynn is our fourth daughter and she weighted 8 pounds.

Then our only boy so far Jaden who was 8 pounds 5 oz.