Thursday, May 27, 2010

All the videos to watch :)

The videos below are from our karoake singing after Virginia graduated. We had a blast! :) As you can tell we get into it :) Hope you enjoy!
TURN OFF MY MUSIC FOR MY BLOG FIRST TO LISTEN TO THEM! Go to the bottom click the stop button :) That should do it for you :) ALSO go to OLDER POST! YOU HAVE TO SEE TODD SING MONSTER MASH! IT just was too much for BLOGGER to hold all on one page. :)
For some reason some of the video is not viewable, but you can at least see how much fun we really do have!
Virginia graduated from highschool on the 25th :) of May! This is my MOM (Grandmax, Virginia and Me (Karine the MOM) MOMMY & DADDY with their baby girl! We can't believe she is old enough to graduate! All the kids :) The kids loving on Virginia Virginia trying on her hat for the first time :) Outside before we went into the Idaho center Walking to where the kids all go :) Virginia and her friends... Virginia and Grandmax All the kids :) Virginia after she got her diploma Grandpa Wayne, Wayne Jr (In wheel chair) Grandmax and Virginia after :) Virginia with Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Jim Virginia walking with Taylor to our car. VIDEOS OF OUR CELEBRATION are UP ABOVE! :) :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Real QUICK...

Taylor made a death mask at school :) I thought she did a great job on it :)

My Mom (GRANDMAX) is visiting! so pictures will be up soon! Having a blast with her! Very busy! Jaden won 2nd place in SCIENCE FAIR! SO PROUD OF HIM! MORE TO COME WITH PICTURES!~

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The morning started off like this! With a beautiful way to wake up and look outside. Looked heavenly!

Then Jaden and I (mama) went on a field trip to Baker City! :) We had a blast. He was so tired on the bus! Look at them tired eyes! Such a cutie.

Here we are :)

This was neat to feel the buffalo hair :) Jaden is so cute!

Lots of exibits to see and much to learn :)

Jaden and his friends showing us what dance they have to do at the last day of school :)

It was beautiful there!

This was the wagon circle :)

Another display of how they set up camp.

Jaden and the kids in our group had to load a wagon with what they would need for the trip by pounds :) IT was so cool!

More loading the wagon

Jaden on the trail :)

Jaden so cute here!

THEN FOR FAMILY HOME EVENING we got together with 5 families and had a potluck dinner and four wheeled and dirt biked! IT WAS A BLAST!
Jaden is in red.

The field with everyone having fun!

Kalene was playing with a little boy she adores on the slide. Cally was watching a little girl on the tramp in stripes.

Todd hi fivin his guy friends .. HE is on the dirt bike :) SUCH A CUTE MAN! I LOVE HIM!


Jaden on the 4 wheeler. SO CUTE!

Virginia giving Cally a ride

GO Virginia...

Taylor waiting her turn :) Which she got! :)

Jaden running around

Todd giving rides to all the little kids

Todd again with a friend of ours little girl

Virginia sitting in green. Cally talking to one our friends little girls

Jaden and his friends chatting

Cally riding alone.

Kalene did not want to ride. She loves this little boy on the tramp. She just wanted to spend time with him! :) She will be a great MOM someday :)We had a blast! It was a great day!

Taylor and Virginia riding!