Saturday, October 20, 2012

My birthday....

This morning my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday.... so I confessed.... that he shouldn't get me anything because I have spent money doing the service projects and that I have enjoyed them so much.  He sat there and had tears in his eyes. I asked him whats wrong? He said," your so selfless. I would want something and you just want to give to others."   That really made me feel good that my husband after 22 years of marriage can see me as someone so good...  I don't want anything really and I didn't plan on all this being my gift, but I got carried away. :)  It sure gets fun when you want to be creative. It sure can cost money, but it won't for the next projects I have in mind :)  I needed him to see me in a new light.  Not that he has viewed me in any other way but for me... :) It really put a smile on my face :)  When you have been married as long as we have, a person *me* can worry that we are just that same old person nothing new or special to the other half. Like no mystery or of any interest.  And I think him thinking of me so nicely really helped me feel good about myself :) Like I HAD ONE ON HIM! :) LOL  For example, " See honey you don't know me that well after all ! "  I am still full of surprises. You can teach an old dog new tricks :) *I would be that dog* 

I have been thinking about my birthday and what I want my day to look like :) I hope it just is a good day where I feel loved.  Where my family hugs on me :) I am thinking maybe a family picnic for dinner. Something to make a new family memory :) A fun one :) 

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