Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day two and several more....

  I struggle from time to time with depression and I have several friends that are going through a really rough time. So I decided to make a Sunshine basket or box. Those who live close get the basket and those who live far get a box.  I am trying to take time to write personal messages in each one. Things I think will help them smile and lift their spirits.

 One friend is a special relationship with a man who has cancer. He is fighting so hard.  Sometimes on my hardest days, I can go to her face book page and always... ALWAYS find some positive uplifting message on her page. IT always surprises me... She and her man are so thankful for every day... they value each moment together... treasure it and each is precious time well spent. I love going to her page so I am making a special sunshine basket for them, full of things for them both. I am so thankful for their happy spirits... positive thoughts and uplifting messages of joy.

One basket is for my Aunt... her husband recently died and she is so very sad.  Most people are there right when someone dies, but people seem to forget the after time...when a person really needs someone. So I hope my basket brings her a smile and that she feels loved.

Another friend that will receive my basket is going through some very hurt feelings right now which has caused her to feel a little alone and down. I already delivered her basket. She was thrilled to get it and that made me feel so good to lift her or to do something nice for her. I know there have been many times in my life where I have felt the same and someone always showed me love and care.

Another friend just lost her dog.... it was barely two years old... she has no children yet so this is her baby.... and this was the sweetest, most loved dog.  Her husband walking the dog and he got spooked and had a heart attack. They had no clue he had any problems. So sad.... she has felt a little lost and i really hope it lifts her spirits.

The last basket.. * well for now* is for my Mom... who I know needs to be loved. She lives far from me and I miss her. I want her to know how much I love her. How thankful I am for her in my life and all she has given me.

The items are not the most expensive things.... just snacks, some yellow candies.... little fall decorations, a flower... some notes... trail mix, a candle and I can't remember the rest. Will post a picture of one of the boxes I put together. 

This project is a selfish project. I want to feel happy inside. I have been down. By cheering someone else up and focusing on their life problems... I am hoping it will lift me and take my mind off my own problems :)

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