Friday, October 12, 2012

The Spirit World

I have often thought of all those I have loved and lost in this world. What it must be like for them... where they are, what they are doing... what they see. When I was at my daughters high school graduation, I felt so many of my relatives that are on the other side with me. I imagined all the people screaming and shouting for the child graduating... to be all the people who have gone before us.... cheering for us, or welcoming us through the veil. Not even through the veil... but in life. Praying with us and for us. Being there next to us when we feel so alone. Cheering us on and participating in our JOYOUS moments.

I saw many families gathered together at the graduation, in groups. Sitting together prepared to shout and cheer on that one person they came to support. I felt very over whelmed thinking about all the many UNSEEN people that were there, with those families... ready and able to do the same. My heart felt warm and my spirit felt light and I was thankful for I knew we too were not alone.

My Father died of lung cancer... he promised to always be there for every important event in my children's lives. HE has kept that promise. I have felt him so strongly at the most unexpected moments. That sweet moment of knowing... TRULY KNOWING he was there... he witnessed it... he loved me... he kept his promise.... we are still just as important to him there as we were when he was here. He continues to be with us from time to time and I know he will be around till the day we can be reunited again.

I have always taught my children since they were young that angels are among us and always with us .That some are even family that have gone before. When my mother came to visit. We talked about many wonderful family stories that were pasted down from generation to generation of just that. One is of one of my distant relatives who was a nurse and brought babies into the world. Mid wife was her real status. She delivered a thousand and she would go by horse drawn sleigh, in a wagon or on a back of a horse. Some were as close as a farm away and some were over the mountains. One night she was riding over the mountain and a lightning storm came and scared her horse. She swore that she was going to go off the mountain and die... but she looked and saw a MAN grabbing the horse reins and he led the horse back to a safe path. The thing is... there was NO MAN. We believe it was an angel. She did make it to deliver the child on the other side of the mountain too.

I know of many sacred experiences I have had that has shown me I am never alone. I feel so sad when I hear or read that someone feels ALONE. Yes this world can be hard at times and lonely even. But I know with all that I am that we are NEVER ALONE. That our Heavenly Father loves us and that we have many angels with us, we just can't always see them or feel them. Just like we can't see air that we breathe, it is there.... so are angels!

When I worry about my Mother leaving me in this life and going on to the next, I get emotional and sad. But I really try to focus on the reunion she will have. The many people who have gone before her and are waiting to embrace her. I can only imagine the beauty of it all. The pain of loosing her children disappearing for forever and holding them in her arms again. Seeing her parents, my father.... and so so many. I liken that to the day we are with Christ. What joy shall fill my heart! How wonderful it will be to have the veil lifted and all that was forgotten to be remembered. What a blessing that will be. How great our joy will be and to be able to look around and see each other in a different light than with earthly eyes. I look forward to that very much for myself.

I am thankful for knowing of the truth that we are not alone. For knowing and having the gift to see through the veil and for knowing that we are so loved.

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