Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random Pictures

I love to take pictures. I have so many I want to share... but these are just a few random ones I picked today :)

So I told Cally, Taylor and Jaden to make a funny face :) I love it! They keep me smiling! Cally is on left and Taylor is on right :) I am sure you figured out Jaden.

Virginia was Statue of Liberty for a school project. I thought it was a cute outfit she came up with :)

Todd and Jaden checking out the bats and birds in the caves when we went to Craters of the Moon. Cute Daddy and son picture.

These are my two older daughters. Virginia is the blonde and Kalene is the brunette. Kalene was so excited to be getting taller. Virginia is tall, the tallest in our family. I don't think any of the other children will ever be as tall as she is. She is slightly taller than me now. She likes it that way :)

This is us in our Dairy Days Parade, supporting FSA (Families Supporting Adoption). Check out the horse ride we made for Jaden and the little girl I watch Aylin. They had more fun riding the whole parade waving. They were the stars of the parade :)

I loved this sunset. I love sun rises and sunsets. They are very serene to me :)

This is my Mom! We are very close. She currently lives in Arizona but she visits often and we visit her. She and I have so much fun together. She is one of my Best Friends! I adore her. She is called GrandMax by the kids :)

OH I love this picture of Jaden. He wanted to be a big boy like his Daddy so he got a fake shaving kit for Christmas one year and hasn't stopped using. He shaves on Sundays and for special occasions. Its so cute! Todd and Jaden have their own special stash of cologne. He is my little man. :)

Ok, I love TREES! When I was growing up, my grandmother who we called "Goggi" had a tree that looked like this but it didn't have candles like mine. Where the circles were on hers had pictures of everyone in the family. So when I found this at Graples, I fell in love and had to have it. It reminds me of my childhood and brings great comfort :)

These two pictures Todd actually took. I loved the view and asked him to take it while I was driving. This field is next to our subdivision. This last year someone told me they were growing canola. Not sure but it was beautiful!!!!

This was precious, I found Jaden asleep on the couch with his little hands like that. I thought he looked like a little angel. :) Boys are so much fun! I can't wait to get another one!


Cris said...

I love this blog. It shows how your family really is. Your always doing fun stuff together. You have raised your children in the gosphel and it shows. They are so talened. When I come into your home I feel the warmth and love. I love coming to your house. You make everyone feel welcome. I remember when we first started becoming friends. You were there for me through a very tough time and you were there for my kids. Now you are family. I can't wait for you to adopt. I can spoil the child and get to see it turn into a wonderful adult like your other children. I want you to know that I'm here to give support and help how ever you need it.

Anonymous said...

I'm behind you 100% of the way! you are a awsome family!

Anonymous said...

You are an exceptional mother and your family is an amazing family. I have seen you bless so many people. With your love and acts of kindness.
You and your family have so much to offer a child. Love, stability, faith in God, the ability to have talents and to expand on them. Siblings! Who wouldn’t want the great bunch of kids that you have for a brother and sisters! Two very involved and active parents!
You are always thinking of others and serving them. You never cease to amaze me in your willingness to love freely and to be that person someone needs, when they need it.
I love how you make your friends family. I watched you take care of Aylin after her accident when her mother died. I have to say that I really think she would of never recovered as fast (mentally, physically, spiritually) without you. You were her angel.
I want who ever reads this to know, that I trust my very life and the life of my children’s in her care. That says a lot.
I can’t wait to welcome the child that comes to your family. You and your family are always in my prayers. (and your birth mother as you requested)