Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dairy Day Parade :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009
WE did the Dairy Days Parade :)
Maggie on the far left is Kalene's friend and the little girl on the horse is Aylin... I watch her and have since she was born :) She is like family. (Her mom died a year ago and was a doctor)

So we were in the parade. DAIRY DAYS!> We were MOOVED BY ADOPTION! Well it was a 4 mile walk.. which for us, pushing and pulling Jadens cart was more like running 4 miles. MY FEET were in severe pain when we got home. I had the worst broken pair of sneakers. I should of bought me some new ones before we went. Anyhow, in the parade it was amazing... People all over were yelling they were adopted or they had adopted. IT WAS NEAT! Our parade existance I think meant something to others who supported adoption. It made me a little emotional. I know wierd.
We were on T.v. Kalene, Taylor and Maggie were and Todd for just a little bit. IT WAS GREAT!
Felt like we were apart of something great. We were the only ones dressed like cows... :) I loved that too.

June 14th
Its Jadens Birthday! :) he is 9.... it is so much fun having a boy! He is so different from my girls! :) Today we made a cake... he wanted to make it, so he did from scratch... He has a few of his buddies spending the night... in the tent in the back yard :) Our birthday is going to be themed for spy's... all the games are around that! From finding Jadens gifts with clues to water balloon fights, mummy wraps with toilet paper fun and more! Its going to be a blast! I love to make birthdays themed! Its fun! All the boys that come get to take home cute stuff, like nerf bombs, GI Joe men and so forth :) Jaden hopes his little brother comes soon. He wants to teach him everything. He is going to be such a good big brother!

MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2009

Its Summer

So I am trying to stay busy... I am making sure the kids and i are going to the ymca, to swim or workout...whatever they want to do.
I have passes to the Zoo now, so will plan a weekly if not bi-monthy trip there with picnic lunches too.
I am just trying to stay busy and focused.
Allot is going on this month. Jadens Birthday... Girls camp... Todds and Mine 19th wedding anniversary... Fathers day. It never ends...

Virginia needs her wisdom teeth out..
So... that is all that is on my mind.... lots

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