Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random Thoughts :)

MONDAY, JULY 6, 2009

Virginia's job

WEll this morning I walked for 2 hours with Virginia doing door to door papa murphy coupons. It was good excercise. The girl earns 6 bucks for every 100 coupons she puts out. We are 4 short right now, from 12 dollars, 200 houses that we did in two hours. I am wiped! We have not finished the area we are suppose to do, but needed to stop because I have to take Jaden to swim lessons. THANK HEAVENS! I could just see my Dad smiling as he must have... for he use to tell everyone how he would help me do a paper recycling route in our neighborhood, spent x amount of money on gas, and hours while I jumped out, picked up and collected only a few dollars for the amount of work I did. He was proud of me... he liked showing me the value of a dollar and how hard it is to work... I just felt as he must have, while walking with my very responsible daughter. She is hoping this lands her a job with Papa Murphys. Cody, a friend of hers, did this and then they hired him. They said its a test to see who really wants to work and earn money and who will be a good worker. SO KEEPING FINGERS CROSSED THIS DOESN'T TAKE LONG!
I am already tired and thinking, I don't care how much gas it takes, after swim lessons I will follow her in the car! LOL I just can't let a beautiful girl walk around strange streets by herself. NOT SAFE!

Saturday, July 4, 2009
4th of july

I am sitting here thinking how are you (my child)... How is your birth mom... is she just going day to day trying to not think about being pregnant? is she enjoying you growing inside her tummy? feeling you kick? I am sitting here dreaming of holding you, possibly breast feeding you and excited with those thoughts. How I wish I knew someone had already picked us. How I wish the day you arrive was today.
I watch my friends who are about to give birth and I am happy for them but sad for myself. For I long for my baby in my arms to hold and love as well.
How my arms long to hold you. How my heart longs to love you and how my mind needs to know you are here safe with me where you belong, so I can rest.
Today is the 4th of July... Our family will go watch the parade. We will watch the fire works... and as I do a head count, I will find I am still missing special someone.... please hurry to me.... baby of mine!

FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 2009

Today has been eventful

So our little bunnies got into a fight and we found out that we have two boy bunnies that can't live together or they will kill each other...... sooooooooooooo we had to buy another cage. SO we now have three bunnies, three seperate cages.... and I am thinking...this is good, good responsibility for the kids. ITS ALL GOOD! (keep saying that Karine! )
We have decided to go on a quick to trip to craters of the moon and shoshone falls, so the car's oil was changed today.... I have baked for us to eat yummies and got water and gum. The car is clean and ready to pack. I have made preparations for all the animals... the dogs will be outside for the day with ice water and shade that I made for them with a tarp :)
All the other animals will resume to normal living. We feed before we leave and when we get home. NO BIGGIE :)
I am excited. I have wanted to go there since before we had kids. Todd and I went there but never have taken our kids. I loved it then. I just know my kids will love it. We would of stayed and camped but we need to go to church Sunday cause last week we didn't make it and Virginia will need to bare her testimony on girls camp :)
my house is back to its normal noiseyness :) WAHOO! I am happy!(my girls are back from girls camp and I missed them so much, but had great one on one time with just Taylor and Jaden)


She lost it.

So this young lady that I was going to help, has lost the baby. She was 7 weeks along and miscarried. She is going thru mixed feelings. I am actually relieved for her. Now we need the MOM talk..... birth control.... and so on.. :)
I know right now she might feel bad about it all, but in the long run its a blessing, this will allow her to graduate from highschool :) She is an amazing young lady! She is beautiful and bright. She has so much to offer and so much she can do with her life :) I am excited to watch her live like a normal teen now :)

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