Friday, September 25, 2009

Thoughts about the Birthmother that will pick us...

I am the 5th person from the left over, wearing white pants and a blue shirt. This picture was taken at a Birth Mother dinner we put on for all the BirthMothers in the area this year. I loved this night.... I was able to serve women who I felt so much respect for... Who I even felt immidate love towards. Some were pregnant... some had already placed. There was one young lady that I felt so drawn to, she had already placed her child up for adoption and even told everyone about being on Oprah for 5 seconds of fame. She had brown eyes and her mom had brilliant blue eyes. I sat next to them and talked with them for a little bit...I enjoyed the few minutes I had with her and her mother.
Birth mothers have a special place in my heart. I just feel so touched by their stories and life... blessed by knowing them.
I don't know why I was so nervous that night, other than I just didn't want any of these ladies to think that I was there for the baby and not them. I really was excited to serve these ladies. It was a small act of kindness I could do, to support and love them. I was worried I would open my mouth and say something stupid or thoughtless. I just wanted to hug everyone of them. I feel like my life is better for knowing them.
I made several new friends that night :) I hope to continue to make more!
I want to share with you one of my friends video's that she made. This is the link. Copy and paste it to your explorer or browser.
Its a beautiful video of what LOVE is... My friend Desha made it and its her story. She made others, you might see them under this video. Feel free to see them. But I love this song played in this video... FROM GOD'S ARMS, TO MY ARMS, To YOURS! :)

I have had my birthmother (the one that will choose us) on my mind. We have had family prayer every day and night... and we include her in that prayer. We pray she has all that she needs, including support, love and peace of mind. We pray that she will find us and feel of our love and feel great peace in knowing where her child will be. I can only imagine what she might feel right now. My heart goes out to her. She is going to be our families Angel! For we could not complete our family without her. She chose life for this child. What a gift. What a blessing it will be to know our birth mother ... if that is what she chooses.

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