Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A quick note...

So I realized today that this might help the birthparents see that we are like everyone else :) So I took some of my journals that I blog in private and made them public :) There were so many, these are just a few... I will try to write on here often :) Just jot down my thoughts and feelings ... hopes and dreams.... all in hopes that I can make a connection with the birthmother considering us :)
Who ever you are... I hope soon you will find the courage to email us, ask questions that you might seek answers to and try to get to know us. It just might help you make your decision :)
We pray for you every morning and night as a family and individually. Your never far from our thoughts and our hearts!

Sept. 23, 2009
Today Taylor was accepted in the charter school that Cally and Jaden are going to! I love this school. Its smaller... the teachers have a better ratio of students to teacher! They do so much more in class than the school districts around here, for example, Jaden is learning SPANISH and is only in 4th grade :) I am so happy! They get to learn all sorts of instruments. Taylor will take Orchestra and learn now to play the violin :) She is really into art and writing stories and so there is a class that will help her do well there too! :) My kids love this school. The kids have to keep a C average or above... which mine are really smart kids and they all keep A's and B's. I tell them all I require of them is to do their best. If their best on a test (after studying) is a D then I am proud of them) giving them that input, they have really done well in school. I have no complaints :) Anyhow, we are all very excited to have all three kids in this school. :) The other two girls are very happy in their Highschool. And they are old enough to have a say, even though my Tay, Cally and Jaden wanted this Charter school, they could of said no. I try to let my children make decisions for themselves :) I am so happy they are happy!

Sept 22, 2009
This is a quick picture of Aylin and Jaden playing together with tinker toys. They had both built some car like thing and I had to beg them to let me take their pictures.... GEESH MOM! :) THEY WERE INTO THEIR GAME! Too cute!

Look at what I made for Halloween :) SPOOKY!

Sept 17th... I CANNED AGAIN :)

There is something great about being self sufficient!!! I love that I know where the food has come from :) NO perservatives :) They were fresh! I love the help from my children as I teach them how to be able to can the food they grow in their gardens or pick at the orchards :) This canning thing has made me "the city girl" left with the impression that I have gone to the other side :) TURNED COUNTRI-FIED :) LOL

Sept. 10,2009
Uncle Gary came to visit. The kids adore him. He loves to play games and will sit for hours and teach the children new games... card games, board games... you name it :) We had so much fun with him. Here is a picture of Uncle Gary with Jaden, playing Chess. Jaden just joined the Chess club in school, so it was great practice for him :)
Uncle Gary is my (Karine the mom's) Uncle and my kids Great Uncle :)

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