Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who is Todd???

So I thought I would tell you more about the love of my life... Todd :)
1.He is the leader of our home :) You could say we ALL STAND BEHIND HIM

2.He treats me like a queen... spoiling me a lot. When I want something, he works hard to make sure I get it. :)

3. He is my biggest supporter!

4.He is a big kid at heart! 9 out of 10 times... if kids are around, you will find Todd with them. :) (that was one reason I fell in love with him... I knew he would be a GREAT Dad!)

5. He can make me smile and laugh even when I am the most upset! (sometimes that erks me more...cause when I am mad, the last thing I want to do is smile... makes sense right?! :)

6. He is a CAN-DO person... if there is something that needs fixing, making or built... he does it! It doesn't matter if he doesn't know how or has never done it before. He says, that is the best way to learn is to just jump in and try to do it :) He has built homes, put in whole bathrooms, fireplaces, re-roofs, new floors... the list is endlist! HE FIXES CARS :) He saves us so much money and its great, because our children have learned so much from him :)

7. He is a jokester..... he loves to play little jokes on people or tries to make jokes up. He likes people to be happy :)
(some fun info on us as a couple.... We get into water fights, whip cream fights, dart gun fights :) We have a lot of fun in our marriage :) Check out his shirt!

8. He is ALL BOY!!!! He has a garage full of tools and toys. He loves dirt biking (he wants a four wheeler and snow mobiles) He loves camping. If there is a boy scout outing, he is there! :)

9. Todd is compassionate. He teaches our children by example, he helps the needy. Todd loves to help others. If he hears they are moving, he is there to help move furniture and whatever is needed. Todd finds great joy in helping those in need. He helps our family at Christmas think of the less fortunate and we will buy gifts for a family in need with Christmas dinner and all. Todd will take the money out of his pocket and hand it to a homeless person whenever he see's one. He is very giving.

10.Todd loves his children and is very involved in their lives. He and I take turns on field trips. He helps with home work and takes time to do special Father/Daughter/Son outings ;)

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Anonymous said...

He is so great!! its comforting to know that there ARE good guys are great husbands and dads! I think its she searching and waiting part that gets discouraging...
<3 Taren