Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Motherly Advice

Motherly Advice
So one of my daughters friends call me, yes he is a boy, and he asks me for advice... and tells me that he has been going out with all these different girls hoping to find someone like my daughter Virginia. He said he would rather be Virginia's significant other but knows she does not want to get serious till she is 18. It was really sad and hard to listen to. I kind of hurt for him.
I remember what it was like to be young and to like someone you felt like you had no chance with.
I advised him to date and befriend Virginia and in time, she would come around if it was meant to be.

I do love that my children's friends call me MOM and that they feel comfortable to talk to me and let me help them in life :) That is really a blessing to me :)

Tammys (my friend) is complete!!
Well I just had to share today, a very special day... Tammy's little man GAVIN is now hers legally :) HE IS A ADOPTED! WAHOO! I cried... in the court room.... I know... I am such a boob.... and it was really good to go cause I saw a family become what they longed to be.... complete :) Now we just have to go to the temple and seal the deal! LOL
I am so happy for Gavin... he is with a great family! He will be loved and brought up with direction :)
I can't wait for the day I get to do this with my little guy.... now I know what to expect :)

Everyone there at Callys Party! :) WE did a PRE-TWEEN PARTY! She loved the Mall scavenger hunt :)


Cally's 12 today

My 3rd daughter is now 12... I can't believe 12 years ago I couldn't wait to meet the little child that grew inside me. Who helped me thru my fathers funeral... who gently kicked me inside reminding me I was not alone or had nothing to live for, during a really difficult time...... I have always said Cally was my serenity! :) MY PEACE! She is such a gentle soul.... she gets her feelings hurt easily .... so we have had to teach her to not take things to heart.... and to toughen up! :)
Thru out the years we have enjoyed Cally... she is growing up to be so beautiful. HER EYES are the first thing you see on her... her laugh is contageous. I knew while my Dad was alive, he tried so hard to live long enough to see her. He died 1 and half months before she was born. Cally has never met my father, and my last three children haven't either, but they know him still! We remember him, we do things in honor of him.
Cally was my tinest baby... she was 7 pounds 10 ounces. She was beautiful and almost bald. She was then and is now my joy and peace... I hate that my children are growing up... I love it too! ITs bitter sweet. I want to keep them all little and my babies :) but at the same time, how great is my joy that we are so close. I am so blessed.
MY CALLY SARINE IS NOW 12. I thank God every day for her and all my children.

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