Sunday, January 26, 2014

Oct 8th 2012 a blog post I wrote

I was rereading thru out old posts I had made and I found this one. I thought it was a great reminder so I thought I would reshare it to remind myself of these feelings I had felt.

Do you love me?
This weekend was General Conference. I loved it. There were very powerful talks given, many touching my heart and lifting my spirits.  One talk by Elder Jeffrey Holland really moved me. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I cried through his whole talk.  It was about our Savior and how much do we love him? It can be watched here

Some of the questions he shared were as if he was Jesus saying to all of us, " DO YOU LOVE ME MORE THAN ALL OF THIS?"  *all of whatever else we may put before him..... our movies, books, video games, shopping... the list is long and for me... I can add food. *

DID NOT MY LIFE AND LOVE TOUCH YOU MORE THAN THIS? *as if Jesus were asking*  more than all the other things we choose to put into our lives to take up our time and energy.

Elder Holland then gave me more to think about...  Come judgement day, when I am blessed to meet with Christ face to face and he asks me..."DO YOU LOVE ME?"  will I be able to stand there and  say with a clear conscience. YES, OH YES MY LORD, I LOVE THEE SO VERY MUCH! *by what I did with my life... how I served others and shared the gospel. How I tried to live as Christlike as possible.

 It has been the question I am now asking myself every time I make a decision.  I say to myself, " Will this show Jesus that I love him?"   I want to make it one of our families new family motto's.   I want them to think every time they go to act or choose to do something.... "will this show that I love Jesus?" 

 I have  a lot of work to do...  to be able to say I have done all I could. I mentioned food above because I think if I feed my body things that are not healthy that I am not showing Him how much I love him. I was given this great blessing of a body.  How can I treat it so badly ? It is my personal temple. Like the temple I attend I would not dare enter in unworthily and this is how I must think about my body as well.

When I don't make time to connect with the Lord daily I am not showing HIM I love him. I want to show him, I want to be able to kneel at his feet and thank him for this life and look into his eyes and without him having to ask me... "DO YOU LOVE ME"  have him just respond with, " THOU GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT, WELCOME HOME"  I want him to know it... to not even need to ask it. I want to help others and serve others more. I want to teach it to my children.  I am now praying for help with this.... asking the Lord to guide me to opportunities to be able to do just that.

My husband did point out something that gave me great comfort. He said, " You already are serving... your family."  That meant a great deal to me, for him to not only recognize it but to point it out to me, because sometimes I feel like what I do is just my job, but indeed... Mothers everywhere do serve their families and loved ones constantly :) 

I am excited to think of new goals to make for myself and with my family that will be orientated about Christ and serving him.

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