Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year! Its a new year... lots going on. Today was Todd's 46th birthday ;) And I made him a bunny ice cream pie with grahm cracker crust and peanut butter whip cream with drizzled chocolate ;) It was yummy.  I made him Chicken Paremsain for dinner. He was taken out by his Dad today and that was great :) He needed away ... and time with his Dad... His Dad stayed... a long time... I was surprised... he usually is in and out.... but I am thankful he stayed and chatted with Todd. :) Its good!

Aylin is still here till Saturday. She has had fun.... Christmas and New Years both :) Its been nice having her. She is getting so big....

I am really sad to loose so many of my young men in my class they are super amazing young guys who I believe are going to do so much in the future :) I made them a special plack and a note.... telling them how much I appreciate them and will miss them. I have to deliver them tomorrow.

I am doing great on WW.... surprisingly  because I am sorta stressed. I have lost a pound a day and I am eating? CRAZY! But I am eating right :) I hope it continues :)

We are getting things done and made for the wedding. Its looking good all that we are doing. I think it will be beautiful! :)

 Kalene and Kyle are looking for jobs and nothing yet. I worry... its a bad time to find a job... if you find one your lucky. I pray they can.

Virginia and Zoey come next week! I am super excited to have them here :)
I have all these plans for this new year.... exercise and diet well.... .make Christmas early this year ;) 

I still have not got Ellie to learn her ABC's... or write her name fully yet. I pray she can catch on before school starts...I fear she will be held back a year in kindergarden like Bella and Jesse and with Bella and Jesse,  I feel like it was ok, they have been thru so much and I hadn't had the time with them. With Ellie I have tried... daily... I don't know why she isn't catching on. I think she is super ADHD.  Not sure if I should start now on meds or looking into it.

Its been really cold. I am so thankful for our pellet stove. It makes the house nice and toasty and I would never be able to afford to heat it like this other wise :)

That is all for now...just stopping for a moment to type...

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