Saturday, February 1, 2014

My thoughts as I woke up.

I woke up this morning needing to bare my testimony of the things I have seen come about in my life. Things I can never deny and things that have been nothing short of a miracle. When I say miracle, I hold these little miracles that I have been blessed to witness and be apart of... to the value of a huge miracle that some would consider miracles, as in raising of the dead or healing the lame.  I testify that miracles do happen today on this earth for I have seen many of them happen within that last three years of my life and I know I have seen more but this is what I know I am to share at this time.

Brothers and sisters, the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST is restored and here today for our prosperity's joy and our joy! Everyone of us struggle daily with some trial in our life. Everyone of us are looking for answers in our life at different times for different things and the answers are here in the gospel. The principles and gospel of Jesus Christ are true and they bring us joy when we are living accordingly.  The gospel has HEALING in it. It can heal us from any wound, be it physical, spiritual or emotional and I have seen it and witness to it. I could never deny it! 

Three years ago the Lord once again took me by my hand and showed me that HIS PLAN was better than MY PLAN. That HE knew all and that if I just took that leap of faith that all would be well. Three years ago I knew through personal revelation and spiritual growth that I would adopt a boy and a girl... what I didn't know was I would adopt a boy and TWO little girls. The Lord had opened up my heart and prepared me, but oh I still had so much growing to do.   When our children came to us... it was such a blessing to be able to go into the house of the Lord *THE TEMPLE* and fast and pray over these children. The answer was so clear... YES THESE ARE YOUR CHILDREN AND THEY ARE THE ONES TO COMPLETE YOUR FAMILY! There was no doubt.  To have that blessing of NO DOUBT at that moment... that surety... what a gift!

I testify to you that angels are on this earth! They come as people... you and I!  I have 8 very special angels in my life that have been apart of some amazing miracles, if not the cause of many of them.  I am talking about my amazing 5 older children and husband. Who all are great examples to me and to these 3 children of what SACRAFICE and CHRIST LIKE LOVE IS!!!!!  I am talking about my mother and father who have been amazing and loving grandparents who have openly accepted these children as mine from the start.  My five older children have been patient, they have sacrificed much for us to be able to adopt them. They have given of their love freely and their time. They have been a huge example of how to act, speak and the things that these little children should do.  I am so very thankful for them all.  I know that my little children would not be as HEALED as they are if it weren't for these amazing siblings in their life, their Father and grandparents!

To know where my adopted children came from. To know where they have been and to see where they are now. ITS A MIRACLE! Next week my son gets baptized. He has come so far and healed so much. I testify that there is HEALING IN THIS GOSPEL!!!!!!!!! THAT ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST AND WITH CHRIST! I have seen in it in our family! 

I am so very thankful for ETERNAL FAMILIES!  Do you know how many children are homeless, parentless, family-less? Who are searching and lost and have nothing, especially because they don't have the GOSPEL in their life.  It breaks my heart and how I wish I had the energy and means to adopt more and to bring more into our eternal family.  That one precious gift from our Lord has done more healing with my little children than almost anything. TO KNOW THEY HAVE SOMEONE THAT WILL ALWAYS LOVE THEM UNCONDITIONAL! TO HAVE A FAMILY NAME! TO HAVE A PLACE TO CALL HOME! TO HAVE SOMEONE TO VISIT DURING THE HOLIDAYS! What a priceless gift! 

This Eternal plan that our Heavenly Father has given us... its beautiful! I am so thankful for it.  I could never deny it. I testify to it. That he wants us all to be ETERNAL! He wants us all to be sealed to one another in this lifetime and the lifetime to come.  It is apart of HIS PLAN!

There is much hope, healing and joy in the scriptures... in the gospel!!!!   We were meant to live joyful lives with hope and with all the blessing from our Heavenly Father that he has in store for us.

My son is going to be baptized next week. He wants this. He loves Jesus Christ and he loves church. He goes to church every Sunday because he WANTS TO. He looks forward to it. He feels only more loved there.... He feels great peace there and he knows that this is where God wants him to be. He talks about going on a mission. MY SON, THE ONE WHO CAME TO ME THROWING TANTRUMS FOR SAYING A PRAYER OR TALKING ABOUT JESUS....  Who was so lost.... so hurt and so angry at such a young age *for good reasons*  MY SON is going to do GREAT THINGS! BECOME A GREAT LEADER, because I already see him as one... and He is going to continue healing and growing in every wonderful way, spiritually, emotionally and physically.   ALL OF THIS WAS AND IS POSSIBLE BECAUSE OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, for that is what lead me when I was lost on how to reach him or help him. For that was my book that I used or manual.

I think about the big picture...  all the possibilities my children have now because we gave them something so simple.... a family. AN ETERNAL FAMILY, which can only happen in the TEMPLE, the HOUSE OF THE LORD.  It all started there...  I am so very thankful for this gospel. For all it has taught me and for all that I try to teach my children. I am so very thankful that my Heavenly Father knows me better than I do and has a better plan in store for me and for my family, one better than I thought I had....  I am so thankful for all the faith growing experiences I have been blessed to have and I testify to each one of them... I know God lives, I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and I am so thankful for all that he endured so that I might return to live with him again, with my eternal family by my side. I am so thankful that Joseph Smith had the faith and courage to go and find the golden plates and then restore them for us these latter days. I am so very thankful for the Gospel and all the principles it teaches us... that our church is set up like it was when Jesus Christ was a live with a living prophet and apostles. With people giving freely of their time and talents to build up the Kingdom of God... all that they do, all that WE DO is for HIM!  I am thankful for personal revelation and know that we are not left here alone to deal with anything that comes our way. That God has sent us angels ... seen and unseen from both sides of the veil to help us in our time of need.  I am thankful for all of my children. For their example to me and strength. They endure things in their youth I never did and they are strong and brave. They are Christ like and I am thankful to call them mine, for eternity!~

I am thankful for the Priesthood and the power and healing gifts that we have through it!  I am very thankful that my husband and sons hold this priesthood and carry it honorably!  Everything that is good and right in my life at this very moment is because of the Gospel and my Savior.   Everything that I struggle with is going to be ok because of the same reason.  Every day I am taught something new and brought to greater faith and understanding of HIS PLAN for ME!  My heart is over joyed and words can not express the gratitude or feelings for it all, all these amazing and beautiful blessings.  

I just had to share the thoughts that were running through my mind this morning as I woke up.... I testify to all that I have said is true. 

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