Saturday, January 25, 2014

Good bye to our Family Member Bowtie

My poor dog has not been doing well for a whole week. Last Sat on Kalene's wedding day he started to hop around like he has in the past. His one leg always swells up and then he is usually ok the next day... not this time. He stopped walking on it unless he had to. He stopped eating.... he has lost a lot of weight and is breathing heavy from pain. Our hearts are broken but we know we must help him and be humane. We are putting him to sleep today at 12:45. Oh I hate this part of life. Saying good bye.... its so hard!!!!!  The children feel so heavy hearted.  Just a couple of days after we decided to put him down a friend of ours puppy got killed by a car. That is sad. The DOG wasn't even 1 year old. So it made me realize... my dog has lived a good loving life! He has had adventures and his life isn't being cut short... we just would love to have him here with us forever. May he rest in peace, run on rainbows.... play with our other animals that have gone before him and be kept well by my Dad, sister, grandparents and friends that are there waiting for him!  WE LOVE YOU BOWTIE! WILL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!

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Annie said...

I am so sad for you. Losing a pet is losing someone who loves you unconditionally, who trust you. It isn't "just a pet"; it is a pure relationship of loving and giving.