Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Heavens have been opened up....

The Heavens Have been opened up and I am not alone in this calling in church as I would be promised. I have to share this experience which just now dawned on me what has happened. I have not only learned from this but I am in awe over the amount of inspiration that has occurred.

Two weeks ago I was preparing to teach my class in church and my daughter also has this calling and she was struggling to find something she needed or wanted *an idea* and somehow I found what she needed and that led me to finding things that I felt SO INSPIRED to do for our Sunday Challenge.  This Sunday Challenge is a way for me to help my children bring and use the gospel in their lives more and I reward them for it, along with whatever they get out of it.

So I found this paper on the Priesthood and it asked questions, it said the 5th article of faith on it and I felt that they should write down one experience on the back and share it two weeks with our class for a special treat...

Two weeks is now tomorrow..... and I am preparing for my class and I see that this lesson is perfect for that challenge I gave them will chime right in with my lesson. It is a neat feeling to realize how inspired I was two weeks ago without even knowing what my lesson would be then .... and how they perfectly go together and hopefully will help bring the spirit into my class. Its moments like this that tell me yes, this is where I am to be in the church calling wise... some days I have doubt.

This also taught me that I need to look ahead on my lessons and coordinate my challenges with my lessons. I am just so excited with this experience and didn't want to forget  how the Lord has been there for me and when you recognize it strengthens me :) My testimony only grows from this, as do I :)

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