Thursday, June 13, 2013

Life right now

Three of my children and husband went on a pioneer hike ;)  They were so excited. They looked so great! I am excited for them. It helped them want to learn about their ancestors... who they were and what kind of trials they went through which were so many hard ones for them. I think this will help them appreciate all that they have. Which they already do but it will go deep within them. I have been so blessed to be their mother! I have really great kids. They are all so talented, well behaved, well mannered, all are over achievers and strive to make A+ grades ... they are all hard workers and so loving, ready to serve one another and others! I don't know how I got so lucky but I am so thankful!

While they are gone I am staying home with the itty bittys.... taking them to swimming lessons... having Mommy time with them. Doing special stuff only little children would appreciate.

Today I want to get some paint and paint my front door.... and let the children paint on some papers today...I might take them to bounce. Ryan my son in law is working there today.... I just want to make it a great day for the little kids.... They slept with me lastnight and we all slept in till 7:45! Felt amazing! I haven't slept in that long in so long, I am half way tempted to keep them sleeping there forever... (NOT REALLY ) Haahahahaha
Life right now is great. I have no complaints. We make all our bills, have food on our plates and roof over our heads. The kids are still healing and thriving..> We have puppies... they are fun!
 This is our Dog Chewy

The redder dog is my daughter's and when she and her hubby move out it goes with them. :) His name is mojo
I have been trying to do little projects around the house... that feels good... I want to start making Christmas gifts.... get that done early... NO STRESS! I am doing school in the morning with the kids and they love that... and I think they are better for me when I do... it helps them motivate their brain :)
All is right as rain in the world.! I am thankful for that! SO VERY THANKFUL!

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