Sunday, June 23, 2013

Progress with Jesse... little miracles of healing

Who says miracles don't happen?  I say they do! For watching my last three children heal has been a MIRACLE! Each little step... amazes me and I am so thankful to be apart of it. When we first became parents to these very needy, scared and hurt children... life was so different.

He came to us afraid... he didn't sleep even on strong medicines. He went from not sleeping at all, to sleeping some in our rooms but still up and down a lot... which meant I didn't sleep. To sleeping in his room with a brother with many up and downs thru out the night, to now sleeping in his room all by himself... ALL NIGHT! And now the latest miracle.... HE HAS LEARNED TO SELF SOOTH! :) We bought the three little ones their own radios and at night we put them to sleep with soothing music. JESSE has now learned to get up and turn it on and I found this out by checking on him one night. He had turned it on by himself and was asleep. Then I found out he did that in the early morning too. He woke up too early and so he put on the radio and fell back to sleep.
LITTLE MIRACLES! HUGE STEPS! SO thankful for it all. What a journey I am on. What an amazing adventure to watch my three little children, healing and growing into the amazing people I know they will become ;) SO BLESSED!

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