Sunday, June 30, 2013

Just stuff...

These are outfits my Mom, better known to the children as "GRANDMAX, she mad them  :) The girls loved them. They have little shorts under them. Perfect for hot summer.

See my daughter in purple, she is our kink in the wheel. Keeps me on my feet, the less traumatized out of the three children we adopted.

My Grandbaby in outfits her Great Grandmax made her

I swear Zoey can be crying and if she see's a camera she will stop crying to smile. She is a natural with the camera! Such a doll!
So I have to share my imperfectness. ... I am a cussing Mormon. I don't mean to be. Its a really bad habit. I don't do many words, but I have one.. ."SHIT" I don't know why. I have tried to stop.. I really do... but it slips from time to time and I am not perfect. I won't ever pretend to be someone or something I am not. My family did not want me to share this on Facebook, but I did. I have friends who are just like me... have oops moments and I thought this was funny... so here it is...
My ELLIE, the kink in the wheel in our family...the one up in purple up above..... she was trying to help I am sure.... the children at meal times usually always wants what the other one has * we are talking about our adopted children, they come with the issue of not having enough or feeling worried they won't get what others have, all caused from trauma and things taken from them in early life so we have to be patient here* Anyhow... someone always wants the color plate another has or they think someone else has more portions... so on and so forth.... with a little encouragement they usually calm down.. anyhow I really Think my Ellie was trying to help.. but she says, "WE ALL HAVE THE SAME SHIT"   OH MY GOSH! I could die! Trying to not laugh... in total shock... and then feeling bad cause I am the cause of this word, I explained its  not a good word and she should not say it.      BUT FUNNY SHE USED IT IN A CONTEXT AS SHE DID! I had to laugh.
Then my older daughter was reading books to them and they were all bring books about fairies, and dragons, except ELLIE... she brings... "BAD GIRLS, BAD GIRLS, WHATCHA GONNA DO" which is a book about a young girl in highschool dealing with bad and mean girls... not what you think.. I promise! But the title was hilarious coming from our KINK in the wheel. She is fun. She keeps us on our feet and always guessing. She is such a busy little girl. 
We are blessed. I find joy in these silly moments. THEY ARE REAL AND THEY ARE HONEST! :) whether honest mistakes or whatever, I have to find joy in them!  This is the life I was given. :) I am so blessed and thankful for it all.. the good ... the bad and the funny!

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Annie said...

Those outfits are adorable! She's been working her tail off!