Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The grass is greener on the other side.....

   For years, most of my marriage 23 years of it, I have wanted, yearned and longed to move back east where I am from. There is so much I miss. GREEN everywhere, trees by the zillion.... so many you can't see far away because of it but the drive during Fall is so magical...

The many colors in fall. I love it. I love driving under trees and down windy roads surrounded by nature.... and the other thing I miss..... besides family and friends, is...

I use to go and sit early in the morning and watch the sun rise. It was so beautiful and so peaceful. I loved the ocean, walking the board walk and meeting new people. Life was one grand adventure while living there.
People say "The Grass isn't always greener on the other side." I use to think..."WHATEVER!!"   But now in my old age... I have come to realize we are all searching for something. Many people feel stuck where they are... they have thought that there is some big grand adventure somewhere else waiting for them. And there could be I guess... its all how you look at it.  I have been for many years sitting here wishing my time away... wishing I was HOME and back east where I loved so much. Doing all this wishing made me sorta HATE it here. Not giving it a real chance.  But today after much thought... I have realized.... that anywhere you are can be a grand adventure. Can be beautiful and wonderful.  I mean, GOD MADE THIS WHOLE PLANET! Even the most dismal areas must have something amazing about them because HE made them.  Its about our attitude.
So the grass may seem greener on the other side, but if you take time to water the lawn *Look around and appreciate where you are* then you might see your side is just as green and wonderful.
 Idaho.... I have learned so much here. I most likely will die in this state, I know morbid right... but the truth is my Husband is not budging.  I know, I have tried everything.  So... I need to love this place. I don't want my children wasting their life away wishing to be somewhere else or missing somewhere else as I have. What a waste of time! All those years I could of been looking around and finding the good here. I could of had more adventures. I have made some great memories, met my best friend/sister in life,  here and I have grown so much here. Especially away from my family. I have learned to make it on my own. I have learned to love the mountains. To find the beauty here. I love the farm land around us.  I still miss the green, the trees and the ocean...but I have learned to appreciate Idaho and call it home. 
I find it interesting that so many people feel this need to go somewhere and find something.... I think its a lesson to learn...that sometimes what we are in search of is right in front of us. Sometimes the most important thing in this life... isn't the grand adventures, many places to see...but the people we experience life with.

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