Monday, January 28, 2013

My 14 days of I LOVE YOU!

So this year I wanted to make my husband feel special and loved every day leading up to Valentine's Day. So I came up with 14 days of love.... I made individual bags filled with little items and love notes for him to open every day. Here they are :)

This is all of it as a whole :) 

First You  Melt My Heart ... grahm crackers and chocolate and heart shaped marshmellows... I also wrote,  I LOVE YOU SMORE AND SMORE EACH DAY :)


 You stole a PIECE of my heart *resee pieces*
This one I love.... its a jar of mixed mints and mint cadies from peppermint patties/mint 3 musketeers/life savers

This is what it says if you can't read it.. Thanks for your commit-"mint" to help...Thanks for your encourage-"mint"...Thanks for your involve-"mint"...Thanks for your invest-"mint" of time...Thanks for making each day an enjoy-"mint"... Thanks for helping to create a nice environ-"mint"... Everything you have done has really “mint” a lot to me!!!
The next is a sierra mist soda and it says, " I soda think your Amazing :)"

This is a rocket and it says " Being with you is out of this world  "You and Me to the Moon"

            This is connected to 2 rolo's candies.... It says "Everyday  I want to Roll over and see your face

This one is a fishbowl if you can't tell, it says, " Valentine You O-Fish-ally have my heart"

This is a compass and chocolate covered pretzels
These are Hot Tomalies the candies

There are two of these I made them myself, you pick one heart and scratch it off, it has stuff under it like I will rub your feet/back/lets snuggle etc.  Attatched to one is snickers and the other is resee peanut butter cups

This is a jar of hershey HUGS AND KISSES and it says "Hoping you want lots of Hugs and Kisses tonight"

This is a thermas filled with gummy worms and it says HOOKED ON YOU :)
This is a 1000Grand candy bar stuck to this paper saying he is PRICELESS TO ME :)

 These are the 14 bags filled with each items.... and he gets one a day to Valentines day :)

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