Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Time on my hands

 I have been blessed with being left with my very pregnant daughter, in her time of need having her first child. I will be here for two weeks. That is a huge sacrifice for my family. My Mother has flown in to help take care of my other 7 children.  My husband has taken off several days from work to ensure my Mother has all the schedules down, which he has had to learn himself.   He has done an amazing job.
We all came down last weekend... we really thought my oldest was in labor. But she ended up being sent home from the hospital.  Poor thing that is so hard too.

When my family left us Sunday to drive back home 5 hours away...they cried... I did not expect such tears from some of them. In a way it made me feel so loved....and in another way I felt so guilty.  My son that we adopted CRIED which is huge.... I have waited 2 years for him to show more attachment to us.... in this way...he cried, and hugged me and expressed with words that he will miss me. THAT BROUGHT ME TO TEARS! Oh how thankful I am that he is connecting...that he feels my love and that he is realizing we are his family.
This TIME that I have been blessed with has been so needed and wonderful.  I have caught up on much needed rest. I have been able to read my scriptures and study them as I have strived to do without any real interruptions.... I have even been able to watch a movie and get into it.   Its been so nice....but even with all that I miss my family and wonderful rich blessed life of crazy chaos. :)

I have decided to take this time and help my daughter as much as possible. I cleaned her house yesterday from top to bottom.Litterally. :) and put dinner on. I am thinking I will stock her fridge with freezer meals.   I want to read more things of spiritual nature and spend free time wisely growing even more spiritaully and looking up parenting things....and how to better improve myself and our family. I will write down a new goal and schedule.   I am really excited to get started with this.

I know that the Lord provides for us. He always has.... and I love the faith my oldest daughter has...her out look on life and her dedication to the lord. She prays every morning and night... reads her scriptures. Her and husband run their home the way I  have strived to but they seem to do a better job with it than I do.  I am so proud of her and thankful for her.  I love all my children and just want to give them all the most important things in life.... which is to know who they are.... that they are strong...that anything is possible with the Lord by their side. I want them to grow up knowing what it means to have a family and how THEY always come first in life.....  that sacrafice and trials keep us humble and close to god.  That they make us stronger and the people HE wants and needs us to become.      As I struggle as a mother to find ways to comfort my children when they are going through trials I am finding great love and comfort as well.
Well I am going to get busy with my day. This free time is precious to me. I am thankful for it. I can sit and really ponder my life...where it is, what I want more to do with it ... how to improve  it and what I can change.    

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