Wednesday, January 9, 2013


 Now that things are back on track and kids are back in school I have to get back into working out and being healthy. I need to keep loosing weight. My grandbaby is going to be born and I really want to be thinner for the pictures.

I need to make goals again.... I feel like I am walking aimlessly and not progressing in the way I should as a person if I dont have goals to work towards.

I want to make them realistic too.... I know me... if I get tired of it... if its not realistic it will only last like 3 days. So this is hard for me.  I want to shoot for the Moon and beyond but I know me.... I am not a strong enough person to stick with it or continue to try. But I need to push myself as well.... challenge myself.  Balance... isn't that the key to life?!

#1 work out again... start getting back into the swing of it. I really need to use the machines I have boughten too... like my abdoer and my rebounder.  I have others that I should use too.... I would say DO THEM EVERY DAY but I know me.. I won't and in fact that would make me do the reverse.. .so I need to work out on one of them, rotating them through out the week.

#2  I need to ready my scriptures more ... like longer... really study and get a notebook and write my thoughts... really ponder it all.... and incorporate it into my life.   I need to figure out a schedule so I can say THIS TIME IS FOR SCRIPTURES AND DO IT EVERY DAY!!!!!!

#3 I want to become even more organized.... working with one room until its done and moving onto another one.

#4  I need to get back into the habit of FHE.... sometimes my life is so full so busy and crazy... I lazy out of it because I can't keep up. I need to just say its happening

#5 This is a goal of my heart.....  I want a Friend... someone who really understands me, who wants to spend time with me.  I have tried so many friends and I have invested so much to only get my heart broken.  When I think I have found a bosom friend, they end up being NOT.... I have always been that one who invests with all I have and I need someone to invest back... so I am secretly praying for a friend.... someone to hang out with, to have girls nights outs.... to share good days and bad days with.  "I pray I find someone this year" every woman needs just one good friend.... and the ones I felt were good have moved away.

#6  I want to become a better mother..... more patient.... better at teaching and spending time with them... this includes learning to make it a habit to compliment them all more.... less criticize them.  I want to have activity bags ready for boring days or rainy days. I want their lives to be filled with love and exploration :)

#7 I need to give up COKE! I drink too much of it. I have tried to quit before and I need to do it. Finally tell SATAN NOPE YOU DON'T GOT ME HERE! Become stronger and healthier... I have to give it up! Its poison

#8 I want to be a sweeter wife.  Less jealous.... more appreciative....

#9 I want to make something every month for Christmas so I am really ready and done by the time it comes this year. :)

#10 I want to stay out of debt!!!!!!  Pay off the little debt we have and stay out. Learn to save for something and stop the instant gratification stuff

#11 I want to continue to go to the temple weekly.

#12 I want to be a better daughter... send my mother gift packages of love and cards monthly.

#13 I need to stop cussing. I say shit and damn too much. My children need a good example not a bad mouth mommy.

There ya go my list of goals... I think they are realistic. Some might happen naturally and some might take all year to get the hang of ....  Here's to a new year :)

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