Thursday, January 3, 2013


  This year New Years Eve started a little differently than we planned. We ended up going in the morning to my husbands grandmother's house to check on her. We heard that she was unreachable, but the neighbor was there and she had actually fallen out of bed. It took us all morning to get her cleaned up and to have a nurse show up to tell us to take her to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital it was FOREVER waiting to see if they would keep her or not.  They did keep her... that night we came home with a new pet. A poodle, it is Grandma's dog. He is very unhealthy and I fear he won't be living with us long. His feet hurt, his ears hurt and I am pretty sure he is full of cancer, you can feel hard spots everywhere. 
MY POOR CHILDREN! We had so many fun things we wanted to do with them. We wanted to bring the new year in with games and fun... but after such a long and exhausting day we were wiped. We barely got all the teens to their dances... and as soon as we picked them up I went to bed.  I didn't even get to kiss my hubby at midnight because I had to be at the dance to pick up my kids at midnight.  So our New Year started rough....  but we survived.
 As for Grandma, it doesn't look like she will recover, they think its the start of her leaving us. So we are all preparing for that.

This holiday season we have been blessed to have my Virginia home with us. Such a precious time for she has 4 more weeks till she can have this baby, our first grandchild. :)


We have had a wonderful Christmas.... Todd got me a camera :) So I have been having fun with the kids doing photo shoots :) I have taken some really beautiful ones, but it helps to have beautiful people to take pictures of :)

 I still have to get several of my other children out to do this with :)
Its been nice to relax and spend quality time together :)  I have enjoyed.... we are slowly putting Christmas away and preparing for school to start again.
I have so many hopes for this new year.... some goals and plans to work on too
I have been so blessed and am so thankful for the many blessings in my life... and for our health. I can't complain. We are well provided for and I am thankful to my Heavenly Father for that my hard working husband. Happy New Year!

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