Monday, February 3, 2014

Changes.... and refining :)

 Every day I am seeing changes put before me ... in order for me to do the things the Lord needs and wants me to do.  When I am faithful and heed to the promptings its all amazing to me.  I recognized that I have been prepared since Dec 21st.... when I was given a special dream which I did write about here.... in this dream it showed me sharing my testimony of ADOPTION and the need for children to have families.  Saturday morning I woke up early and felt the need to share my testimony and so I did it here and face book. I thought it was enough.... but come Sunday during Sacrament the spirit was so strong. It prompted me to share my testimony in church. I fought it.. I didn't want to... nervous and what not...  But I did... everyone was very quiet. Several people had tears in their eyes. I can't even recall all that I said. But I know every word I said felt so powerful to me and my testimony was shared with strength and conviction. Many people came up to me and told me that they enjoyed my testimony and thanked me. That is always nice to hear.  But I didn't do it for that.... then this one lady I do not know came up to me and handed me a letter. In it was the sweetest letter and request.   She told me how my heartfelt testimony touched her and that she knew I must share it with her daughter who can not have children.  She gave me her phone number but I felt weird calling her.  So my husband encouraged me to go to her house last night. Which we did.  I was so nervous and worried we were interrupting their evening. But I was acting on what I feel is a new call from God to me.  So they welcomed us into their home and we got acquainted. They are very nice people and she told me all about her children and her daughter. We talked for a long time. I told her about us and how we came to adopt. She just got more excited hearing our story with tears in her eyes. She told me I must meet her daughter when she comes to visit in may and share with her everything I had shared with them. I agreed. She gave me a picture of her daughter  and we left. 

This direction of helping others consider adoption and completing eternal families is very interesting to me. A little scary. I am not sure what I am to say... I am trying to go by the spirit and wait for it to instruct me. I would like to think that this is a great call from God and I am worthy to do it. But I feel so inadequate and maybe I am putting too much into this like its not that important. I just know with all that I am ... the dream was a prep for me... to tell me this will happen. I will have to share what I know about adoption with others. My convictions and why I would do it all over again. I will have to share all the things I have learned on this journey and why Heavenly Father needs more children adopted and sealed to families.   I do know that children without a family are lost... They have no where to call home. I do compare it to the gospel. People without are lost. Without faith.... without knowing their savior Jesus Christ are lost.... they are unhappy and the two really do go hand in hand with one another. The Gospel of Jesus Christ.... trying to be like him can and will heal others... Children and adults alike.  These are things I know... and these are the things I will share. I just hope when I do... I can do it the way the Lord wants/needs me to... with the spirit with me so that others feel what I say to be true :)

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