Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Love Of Christ....

 I love all my children ... even when they make mistakes and choose the wrong path.  I worry about them, I pray for them and I hope that they will choose the right. I, as a mother, would do anything for them to choose that right path, to be Christ like and to become all that they can be.

I am sure that Jesus Christ feels the exact same way about all of us. He died for us... he did all that he could so that we could be with him and our Heavenly Father again. I am sure he is upset when we are tempted to do wrong or do wrong. I am sure he feels the exact pain I feel, probably more so, when my children choose to not listen to me or obey. 

This world is full of so many temptations. People wanting to follow someone so badly... they are blinded from the truth and so desperate they follow blindly who ever SEEMS great to follow before them.  People want to be accepted and loved so badly that they do whatever it takes, even if that leads them down the wrong path in life, and how sad is that?  People want to fit in so badly that they are willing to go into debt to have what Janie next door does or what every tv commercial advertises.  Money, money, money ... it seems to make the world go round.... its a must to live and some live to have it.  People are making such poor choices today and its understandable with Satan tempting us at every corner.  From bad music, bad books, bad movies to bad media.  The list is endless on the bad.  From you need this to wanting it so bad that it takes over us.

I am watching my children make choices for themselves.  I am contemplating how I, as a mother, has handled some of these situations with my children. When I have reviewed my own actions, I have felt bad in my own decisions on what I have said or done... thought about what i should of said and done.  I am thankful for repentance... for the gift of forgiveness. Not just from my savior but from my children.   

I am thankful that I have someone to turn to and to ask ..."What do I do now to help them Lord?"  I keep trying and doing what I feel inspired to do...     I have so much work ahead of me. I have a son who is just naturally rebellious.  Nothing I have done yet has worked. I am searching for more creative parenting skills, in hope that something will click and he will naturally want within himself to listen to me. Knowing I just want to keep him safe, I want him happy and that I do it all because I love him.          Just like Jesus for us! :)

Sometimes, looking at the world ... its easy to focus on all the bad, but today I choose to focus on all the good.  I tell my children good always wins over evil. I have to believe that and incorporate that into all my thinking as well.

The Lord wants us to live a happy life. Full of love, health and peace. He wants us to be positive full of FAITH not fear.  This is my focusing thoughts of the day :)

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