Thursday, November 29, 2012

Driving in Fog

Have you ever driven in fog? Really bad fog where you almost can't see the line on the road ahead of you? I have.... and lately there has been a lot of fog to drive in. I don't like the fog. It scares me. I am always thankful for a person in front of me to follow or street lights that shine enough to show me exactly where I am. I am also thankful for familiar roads.  If you know your roads then its not as bad as venturing out on a street you have never driven on before.

I was thinking about the fog this morning. How its like the WORLD and US :)   So many people are going through life without any direction or any principle to follow. They are blindly living day to day without even knowing why they are here and where they are going.  ...Some people when driving, that can see the line, do OK but when venturing on other roads they don't know, they get a little lost or end up taking a longer route than planned. For the most part people seem to be wondering in the fog.  Directionless and full of questions as to where they are or heading.

I started to think about my life.... how blessed I am to be able to see the light and through the fog of the world :)  I am thankful for the Book of Mormon, the Bible and the gospel. Those things have kept me on the right road, guided me when I ventured onto new roads and helped me to always see the light in my darkest hours.  I have never truly been lost because of it. I know who I am and why I am here. I know I have a great purpose in life and I know where I want to end up :)   I KNOW, I don't just think or feel it. I KNOW IT :) Its a great thing to KNOW something. To have it burn within you and to have that desire to share it with others.

Heavenly Father loves each of us so much. He knows US individually. He hears our prayers and he has never left us alone, even though we may feel like he has. I have found that when I have felt alone or far away from my Heavenly Father it wasn't his fault, it was mine. That I wasn't doing my part in keeping in contact with him.  Maybe I hadn't read my scriptures in a while, missed church,  didn't pray a heartfelt prayer and took the time to listen.  He is always there for us but its up to us to receive him and allow him in our lives.

This morning I worried about my daughter getting to school safely. She rides with friends and the school is a ways out from our house. So I found my peace and comfort by going in and having a prayer with her before she left for school. I asked for her to be safe and to be brought back to me safely. I found immediate comfort and peace in doing that. Heavenly Father blessed me with that as well, for I received a text saying she arrived safely. Had I not prayed this morning with her, she still might of made it safely but I would of spent my time worrying and feeling uneasy.

I just wanted to share a moment of my thoughts this morning as I drove my children to school in the fog and write down my gratitude for what I know to be true and what has blessed my life. I hope you all have a wonderful day! :)

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