Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Love Thy Neighbor

             I have several things on my mind. It started a few days ago when I was looking up the Boise Temple Celebration on line to see what others had posted from their video taping. I came to one that said, "Boise Temple Re dedication" I had no thought that it would be from someone who was not LDS. I ended up fast forwarding through the video surprised that so many that do not belong to my church would go so far out of their way to do something like this.  I know we have our "HATERS" out there, but I truly do not understand why they feel the need to bash other faiths that are not of their own. Especially when they have no clue what they are talking about.  My first question would be, "HAVE YOU READ THE BOOK OF MORMON?"  and they even say they have not in the video.
 Why do people feel the need to do such things? We don't. We believe in letting others worship how and what they may. We especially do not plan to go try and put a damper on their celebrations. But so many feel the need to constantly put us under attack and protest what we each have the right to choose for ourselves.  I am thankful for AGENCY! I choose this FAITH!  my list is endless as to why but I will be happy to share them with anyone who asks.  I know this church is true with all that I am.  THE GOSPEL IS TRUE. I go for the gospel, what it teaches me, which is everything that JESUS taught while he was on this earth.     I just wondered if these "PROTESTERS" ever realized that we don't do what they do. We don't go and say that their Jehovah witness/catholic/Jewish... a zillion other faiths out there ... etc are wrong or badger them as to why.  How is putting someone on the defense working with the spirit?
That is why we, "THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS" won't go into a debate with you over why we KNOW our faith is true and why WE FOLLOW it. Because the second someone has to debate about it or the discussion gets heated, the spirit of the LORD has left. 
Growing up, everyone knew I was from this faith. They knew it. I was like 1 out 400 in my community. They came to respect me for how I lived. I was asked so many questions. I was protected by my friends who smoked, drank and other conducts that I would not participate in.... if someone that didn't know me asked if I would like a cigarette, watch out. My friends almost jumped them for even thinking of asking me. I loved that! :)  Not that they would fight someone or anything but that they respected my decision, and it was a mutual respect! I didn't judge them or bash them for what they chose to do. Even today, when reconnecting with many of my friends *who are not of my faith* they remember me as "YOUR THAT MORMON GIRL"      
Another thing I wanted to touch on was Judgement.  I truly try to not judge others. To look for the good in everyone and to put myself  in their shoes so that I can see their perspective.  I truly love people for who they are. Why would I judge them? That is NOT my place.  I don't want that calling either! *not that there is one, in case you didn't know, that was me just saying I am glad Jesus has that job, he is way more qualified*  I am not perfect, I will be the first to admit that. I make mistakes daily. I try really hard not to, I do my best to choose right from wrong. I try to teach my children by example.  I try to testify what I feel and believe to be true to anyone I meet or who inquires.  I try to serve others as often as I can.  I do the best that I CAN do, but I am not perfect.
It saddens me to think that others judge me for trying to be Christ like.  It saddens me to see some people go JUDGY on others and almost force their opinions on others around them as if theirs is the only one that matters. *is that judging? by me saying that? Yes*  But how do you stop judgement?  I am not trying to contradict myself but there is a fine line between it all. You have to know when you are sharing your thoughts and standards with others and when you are preaching to the point of saying I AM THE ONLY ONE RIGHT HERE.   We are even taught that every faith has some truth to it. So therefore, every person does as well. *I believe this anyhow*
This Thanksgiving, I wish there was more Peace on this earth. That people would come together in spirit and with love... one towards another like Jesus taught, regardless of faith or race. I wish we could see each other as "Brothers and Sisters"  and could find the good in others. Focusing on the good in others instead of their flaws or faults.  I would love that. What a world we would live in if everyone did just those two things. People would truly be the neighbors to one another that Jesus asked us to be. People would be quick to forgive and less defensive. I, myself, would be a better person.  I look forward to this thought coming true, when Jesus Christ returns, we will all see each other in new light, A LOVING LIGHT, as he does with each of us.
I know who I am, I know where I came from, I know where I want to go and who I hope to become. I am thankful for this knowledge. I am thankful for the temple. I feel such great peace inside and I feel closer to my Heavenly Father. Its like that Mountain you think about climbing to say a prayer to be closer to God. For me, the temple gives me that. Are you, my brother/sister, not happy for me that I have found that in my life? Do you not want that for me? I want that for you. If you were to say that you found that in your life, regardless of your faith, I would be so happy for you!
Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I hope they were not too displaced or hard to understand.

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Misty said...

I wish there was more peace on earth too!

i am sorry you stumbled across that, and it hurt. People get stuck in their own ways sometimes, and don't like anyone being different.