Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My son asked...

During Mommy snuggle time with Jaden, this is our conversation... it was so sweet!

Jaden: Mom when is our baby coming?
Mom: honey, I don't know, its all in Gods hands.
Jaden: Do you think I will get a brother?
Mom: I think we will get what God wants us to have and if its a brother or a sister we will be so blessed.
Jaden: Mom can I pray for a brother?
Mom: Yes, honey you can, but you must remember its in God's hands and you would be sad if your sisters were not here with us, right?
Jaden: yes I would miss my sisters. But I really want a brother.
Mom: Well Honey... all I know, is when this child or children come into our lives, we will be so happy and this child or children will be loved.
Jaden: You said Children?
Mom: well we could be blessed with Twins, which is two babies...
Jaden: Mom, we have enough people in our family to take care of five babies!
Mom: Yes honey (Giggle giggle) but I am not sure we will end up with that many. Jaden: Mom, I just can't wait to be a big brother.
Mom: Jaden your going to be the best big brother ever!

Out of the mouth of babes!


Darin, Kyla, and kids said...

What a sweet boy! I get chills reading this because I think your hearts are all in the right place! Jaden WILL be a great big brother. You are an awesome family! best wishes to you,

Anonymous said...

Karine, knowing you as we grew up as kids was a blessing. Losing touch with someone as special as you was hard. Over the years, I often wondered where you were and how i could find you. Luckily, life, technology and most of all, God has reunited two sisters.

Getting to reconnect with you has been such a great gift. Talking to you everyday and sharing our lives experiences and adventures only solidifies my reasons for loving you. You're a wonderful friend and i thank you for the friendship we share on a daily basis.

I'm proud to call you my friend bc you are not only wonderful to ppl outside your family unit but you are an exceptional woman as a wife and mother as well.

You have a friendship with your husband that most of us only dream of, yet you do it so naturally and lovingly. You have the mothering skills and the patience that most of us can only hope to someday come close to, yet may never achieve.

Why do i know these things? I don't know these things bc you tell me them. I know them bc your goodness, your talents and your love of life is reflected in your children and within your marriage.

All of your children have special talents all their own. They all are good natured and they all get along and care for one another so genuinely. That comes from yrs of example from both you and Todd. You spend endless amounts of hours each day making sure that your family is cared for and that each child knows without a doubt that they are loved endlessly and unconditionally.

Any adopted child that enters into your family unit would be blessed with the same exact love and devotion bc you and Todd, as well as your children have all been hand picked by God himself for this blessing that is yet to come.

I wish you and your children and your soon to be adopted son and/or daughter all of the blessings and love that will bring you all together to finally complete your family and your hearts desires.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and with the birthmother so that all of your dreams become a reality and all of her worries and doubts are put to rest when you are brought together by the devine power of the Lord above.

Best of everything to you and with much love...

Casie Stevenson said...

It is a joy having you as part of my life. I love to sit back and watch people . . . how they handle situations, how they raise their family, how they treat others etc...
I can truly say that I don't think I have ever met a more kind, more caring, honest and loving person than you!
You have a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone as long as they asked or even if they didn't ask. I have known you and your family now for probably 12 years, and I have enjoyed watching your family over that time. I am amazed and impressed at how you and Todd have raised your family. Your daughters and son are beautiful respectful people! I know that it isn't an easy job being a parent and I have always seen how patient and kind you are with your kids. That is truly a quality that most desire to have, but not many have.
I know that you family has been praying and pleading with the Lord for help with an addition to your family and I believe that soon your answers to those prayers will come to get another child or two into your family. Whomever the Lord has in store for your family will be so blessed to be a part of one of the greatest families I know. God has a special place for each of us in his heart just like you do for that child waiting to come be with you!
Best wishes!
Casie Stevenson

Dustin, Darci, Britton, & Benjamin said...

That's just great. He is going to be a great big brother!