Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Family Project...

IGNORE THE DATE on this post.... I wanted my flower one to be at the top, so I just put this under that one... the actual date on these finished and complete is 10/19/09

We went to an adoption class where 7 ladies were asked to share their adoption story. These wonderful women were birth mothers. Each story was unique and different. Each gave us something to think about so that we can have a sucessful open adoption with the birth mother that chooses us. We felt the need to thank these wonderful woman, so as a family we made Angels for them. It was just a thank you, but I hope when they look at it, they know they are never alone, that angels are with them and that someone thinks they are amazing. We love birth mothers :)
We had fun and check out the mess on the floor! LOL
On the side of the blog is a poem I wrote just for these ladies, its not the best but I tried and hope that they feel of my love for each of them.


Wrabbitt said...

You guys have a wonderful family and deserve to have it grow. Good luck and bright blessings.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you and your family! I have known Karine since high school and I can remember her talking about adopting some day way back then.
This dream of yours can finally become a reality, Karine. Very exciting!!
Who ever places with your family will feel loved and welcomed. The child placed in your family will have a wonderful family to grow up with and be a part. This child will be so loved and adored.
Your marriage is so stable and strong. Your children are so brilliant and talented. Your family is so loving and kind. I am so glad to say I know you and am your friend. Or "Family" as you always have said.
I am praying for you and your family. I hope that the birth mother that is meant to come into your life will. I wouldn't be surprised if several birth mothers don't pick you.

Anonymous said...

I think that the flower pot is a great idea. I know when adopting and waiting to adopt it is hard to keep focused. We are on such a crazy emotional roller coaster and sometimes we need help to remind ourselves that God is in control and that the gift in the end is going to be amazing. I love the outfit you bought. Looks so nice and comfy!

That is truly awesome that your daughter was so thoughtful and all by herself decided to hand make a precious gift for your baby that is soon to come.

I know God has a great plan for you and your family. Your birth mom will see how amazing your family is and how big your hearts are. Just keep the faith and keep your chins up. It is just around the corner.


Rose said...

You are so amazing! Good luck with your journey!

Anonymous said...

wow!! you and your family are so awesome!! looks like you had a good time putting those together for us birthmom's! ...we love you guys!
Love, Taren Rucker!

birthMOM said...

i love my angel and your poem, thank you so much! and thank you for openly appreciating birthmothers. your family is so awesome! im glad to be able to call you friend!